Android App: Calendar Event Reminder

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THE App for calendar reminders – never forget an appointment anymore! Perfect for business user!
This app adds a repeating calendar reminder and extends the stock calendar application. You can customize the duration, repetitions, sound and vibration pattern. Works with every synced calendar.

When alarm / reminder goes off the device will be turned on and a popup window with information about the event (title, time, location) is displayed. Alarm / reminder can be disabled by clicking the dismiss and snoozed by the snooze button.

- Settings per calendar
- Repeating reminder / alarm alert for all synced calendars (even corporate calendar)
- Customizable vibration pattern / alarm sound
- Lock screen style sliders or wheel to snooze / discard alarm
- Froyo / Gingerbread / ICS look & feel for sliders
- Text-to-speech
- Stays open after every/last/no reminder
- Multiple snooze buttons with adjustable snooze logic and layout
- Wakes up device display automatically
- Supports Android 2.1 or greater including Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Icecream Sandwich and Jelly Bean!
- Shows notifications in the notification bar
- Supports LED flashing
- Supports to flash screen during alarm
- Customizable orientation
- Clean and simple

In combination with the Android calendar this app can be used as a personal assistance to automatically notify you about upcoming birthdays / anniversaries, when to take your medecin or other things of life you don’t want to forget.

!! Please note: !!

- You have to disble your alarm sound within the calendar app. Otherwise the alarm sound of my app may be suppressed
- You have to exclude my app from any task killer app

Touchdown and Lotus Traveler not supported!

If you have any comments, feature requests or questions please get in contact with me. You can vote for new features on my website. You can also follow me on twitter @invalidobject_ for recent infos.

We would also appreciate your help in translating this app into your favourite language! Just send us an email.

Explanation of the permissions:
- android.permission.VIBRATE
Control vibrator: Used for the alarm to vibrate the phone with the desired vibration pattern
- android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
Disable standby modus: Used to make sure that the screen isn’t turned off during alarm
- android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
Phone calls / read phone state: This is to not interrupt active calls by the alarm and to stop the alarm when a phone call comes in.
- android.permission.READ_CALENDAR
Read calendar events: This is to get the time, title and location from the event when an alarm is raised.
- android.permission.WRITE_CALENDAR
Modify calendar events: When an alarm is snoozed my app has to store a new reminder for the event. This is stored in the calendar database.
- android.permission.GET_TASKS
Retrieve running applications: Used by the home helper to get the Launchers which can be associated with the home key
Set preferred apps: Used by the home helper to replace the launcher for the home key
- android.permission.HARDWARE_TEST
Test hardware: Used to set the screen brightness for flashing screen
- android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
Automatically start at boot: Checks for unfinished / missed reminders when phone is started
- android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS
Change audio settings: Used to set a custom volume for the alarm
License check: Used to check if the user is using a valid license
- android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
SDCard access: Used to read/write settings file for im/export
- android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
Change system settings: Used to overwrite the display timeout

Note: If you want to use your own sounds like mp3s for notifications or alarms please read this hint.

Update Version 5.3.2:

  • Added option to enable/disable LED flashing during quiet mode
  • Enhanced Czech, French and Russian translation
  • Added Hungarian and Hindi translation
  • Fixed: Blink rate for notification light didn’t work as configured (slow, fast)

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Please feel free to leave feature-requests, bugs, ideas, questions or other feedback through the comments below.



- Added customizable sound for alarms
- Now you can choose for which modes (silent, vibration, normal) sound or vibration is used


  1. Arne Ahlemann Says:

    For some reason your app doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have an HTC Droid Incredible with Android software 2.2. After changing the vibration settings in Calendar Event Reminder and setting the standard calendar reminder setting to vibrate, it does the standard vibrate alert. If I don’t set the standard calendar setting to vibrate, the reminder doesn’t vibrate at all. I’m still in my first week as an Android user so maybe there is something that I’m missing.

  2. Says:

    Works now on Android 2.2 and HTC Sense, tested it today on HTC Desire.

  3. andy Says:

    does this work on cognition (samsung captivate galaxy s, android 2.2)?

  4. Calendar Event Reminder - Android Apps und Tests - AndroidPIT Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] Ãœber den Entwickler Alle Android Apps dieses Entwicklers » Webseite des Entwicklers: E-Mail-Adresse des Entwicklers: Wird aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht angezeigt E-Mail an [...]

  5. Says:

    it should work on every android device with version 1.6 or higher. 2.2 is supported.


  6. Ian Says:

    Which audio stream does the alarm goto? I want to mute notifications and still hear calendar reminders, but HTC Calendar reminders play their sound using notification rather than alarm or system sound streams.

  7. Says:

    If the notification sound is muted my app chooses alarm volume settings, so you can mute your notification and still hear the calendar reminder sound.

  8. Sid Says:

    When I set the ringtone for the alarm the.calendar still plays the default ringtone. Do I need to

  9. Says:

    Hi Sid,
    no this shouldn’t be needed. But you must disable your calendar ringtone in the calendar settings. Open the calendar->Menu->More->Settings->Reminder Settings…
    This is needed, because the calendar app plays its default ringtone and prevents my apps ringtone from getting played.


  10. Jan Says:

    I would like to see this app available through one of the Android app stores or as a direct download instead of just through the barcode scan. I have an Entourage Pocket eDGe and it can’t do the barcode scan for apps. Thank you.

  11. Says:

    The app is already available in the android market. And you can also get it here:

  12. adnan Says:

    Bin dehr zufrieden,besser gehzs nicht.genau das richtige fuer mich.

  13. aztec3 Says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for!!! The default calendar alarm is not enough to get my attention, let alone wake me up. This works perfectly on my Sprint Optimus S phone. I had a hard time searching and finding this app, wish there was a better to find apps like this!

  14. merc73 Says:

    I’m actually disappointed in this app, I thought it would do what “missed call” used to do (but seems to have dropped since), or, in fact, what my old PALM did: play the alarm sound once every 5 min until the actual time of the event is past or I acknowledge it. NOT play the same sound for a whole minute or x times every 5 minutes even though I already clicked the reminder away (timing it to 3 sec, which is the length of the sound file) removes the windows which lets me snooze or dismiss the alarm within 3 secs as well).
    Would like to see an option to do just this, and maybe some LED flashing, so one look is enough to know that there’s a reminder waiting…

  15. Says:

    Hi Thomas,
    i added the feature for playing the alarm only once. The other feature (dismiss when event time reached) will be in one of the next releases. Also LED flashing.

    Stay tuned,

  16. Timothy Says:

    Installed and tried a few test appointments. No pop-up, same tone as standard calendar. Do I have to disable to standard calendar tone to even get the pop up? Using Verizon’s rendition of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Did I miss something in the usage instructions?

  17. Says:

    Hi Timothy,

    thanks for your comment. Please make sure that you have set a reminder for the events you create. Otherwise there will be no alert popping up.
    Furthermore it is recommended to disable the alarm tune in the calendar settings but enable event notification in the notification bar.


  18. Timothy Says:

    Nope, still doesn’t work. Maybe I am not using the correct calendar? There is only one in the Android OS? I am new, so don’t know for sure what I could be doing wrong. I set the alarm to go off with no sound. The notification shows up in the bar at the screen top, but no pop-up. Also, when I tap the home key I get the helper app, but choosing the Calender Event Reminder home Helper only takes me to home as if I had tapped the Samsung home option. I think a hook is not catching in my software.

  19. Miklos Says:


    Can you give me an .apk link to install the app directly? The barcode gives me a “Not found” message and I just can’t find it on the market…

  20. Says:

    Hi Miklos,

    you can find my app also on AndroidPit as apk Download:


  21. Vibol Says:

    Hi, is there an option to set where it doesn’t wake the screen up? Like when the screen is off and the alarm goes off, you hear the ringtone. Then 5 minutes later you turn on the screen to check it and see the popup still there? Will it work this way? Because let’s say the alarm goes off and the screen turns on, but I’m away from my phone that’s on my desk and I still hear it from far away, it is waste of battery for it to turn on by itself.

  22. Says:

    Hi Vibol,

    I added the option you requested in the new version which will be released in the next few days, together with some more features. Stay tuned ;)
    You can follow me on twitter to get notified when the new version is out:


  23. Dustin Says:

    I’m having home button issues with this application on my Atrix. As soon as I install the app, my home button stops working. I launch the app and the instructions indicate to click the home icon and select your “REAL” home. However, when I click the home icon, the only option presented in the list is “Calendar Event Reminder Home Helper”. I expected to see the Motorola Home application but it’s not there and the Home Switcher app doesn’t work either once the calendar event reminder has been installed. Please advise.


  24. Ebby Says:

    hey, Ive been sing this app on a samsung fascinate and it worked fine. I now transfered it to my new htc droid incredible and I am getting nothing from the app. everything is set to on, but it doesnt do anything. I transffered the app with astro file manager, I need this app everyday and its not working. helpppp

  25. Says:

    Hi Ebby,
    thanks for your mail and your feedback. With the help of another user i was able to identify a bug in my app, preventing the alarm to fire. This is only occuring on some devices. I already fixed it and will put out a release on the next weekend. Hope that’s ok for you.


  26. Ebby Says:

    ok thanks for the quick reply, where can I download it from again? I cant find it in the android app market?

  27. Richard Says:

    Hi ,
    I just wanted to check that the calendar event software will remind with an alarm after an event has occurred, eventhough the phone has been switched off, then turned on.


  28. Says:

    Ebby, please search for “Calendar Event Reminder” (with quotes) and you should find it.

  29. Says:

    to all: There was a bug preventing the home helper to work properly on Motorola devices. It’s fixed with the version 3.2.

  30. Says:

    Richard, thanks for your comment. My app can wake the phone from sleep mode and turn on the display. If you shut down the phone completely then the alarm will not show up.

  31. ebby Says:

    I downloaded the one currently in the app market, and did a test event in my default calendar…i still did not get any reminder. How cam i get it to work? Please help

  32. ZDQ Says:

    Got it working but after last update (few days ago) I have the same problem again: I’m always getting both notifications (from system calendar and your app) …
    Funny thing is that I haven’t changed anything in the sys calendar settings after your app was working ok …

  33. ZDQ Says:

    forgot to mention the phone I’m using: HTC Desire with Android 2.2

  34. Says:

    Richard, just tested if my app reminds you if you turned your phone off, missed a reminder and then turn it on again. On my HTC Desire HD it does remind you after starting the phone again, so maybe this is working already. Frankly, i didn’t test it on more than my own phone.

  35. Joe Says:

    I don’t suppose you can add an app in the market for those of us who wants to buy your app but can only pay in U.S. dollars? My credit card doesn’t allow me to pay in your currency. =(

  36. Says:

    Hi Joe,

    thanks for your comment. I suppose this is a google market issue and i can’t do anything against it. But you can get my app also on androidpit ( and use paypal to buy it. Maybe this helps.

  37. Dustin Says:

    May I suggest a feature that turns off the phone when either volume button is pressed. I often recieve an alarm during a call or meeting and want to quickly silence it.

  38. Says:

    Hey Dustin,

    great proposal! I will add this to the feature list. As far as i can see it seems to be not very difficult to implement, which increases the possibility beeing added to the next release ;)

  39. Joe Says:

    I managed to purchase it via my phone! I have a question… why does my snooze button disappear shortly after the popup shows up? Is it because I have my alarm set to only 7 seconds?

  40. Says:


    yes. The snooze button is removed when the alarm ends. I can make this optional for the next release if you like.

  41. Joe Says:

    Hi Dustin,

    An option would be nice, but I guess I can just set my alarm to much longer; my goal was to get the alarm to ring only once. I know there’s a setting for that for both vibration and sound but it seems like when I set those flags, my second alarm (after I snooze) doesn’t ring or vibrate… am I doing something wrong?

  42. Bob Davis Says:

    This might be just what I need! Curious if this app will can automatically generate nagging reminders for all of the birthdays in my contact list.

  43. Says:

    Hi Bob,

    thanks for your comment! My app currently works for calendar reminders. So if you have a calendar event set up for every birthday of your contacts then you will get a reminder from my app. You might use one of these apps to add calendar events for every birthday of your contacts, but frankly i never tried them:


  44. Dave Says:

    You did a fine job on your Calendar Event Reminder. So many parameters & options to choose from!

    I don’t quite understand the feature regarding the HOME button. When pressing HOME, the pop up gives me 2 choices: Calendar Event Reminder Home & Launcher. I selected each one separately and don’t notice any difference. I am new to Andriod (LG Optimus V) — is the “Launcher” the default HOME for Android? I did not quite understand your instructions regarding selecting an APP before depressing HOME (or something like that)??

    From what I gathered from your instructions, selecting “Calendar Event Reminder Home” as the default allows your program to remain visible even after the HOME key is depressed. If the “Launcher” is the default, your calendar notification screen disappears?

    Please expand on this feature for me.


  45. Says:


    thanks for your comment. The home helper ensures that you don’t put the alarm window to the back when the alarm is raised and you unintentionally press your home button. If there is no alarm the home helper works like a proxy and delegates the home button event to your original home button app (in most cases a launcher). So in order to make this working you have to do two things:

    1) Bind the Calender Event Reminder Home Helper to your home button. This is done by pressing the home button once you installed my app. Then you should be offered a dialog with all apps that can be bound to the home button. Please select my app and activate the checkbox for “use by default”. If the window does not occur you can go to the home helper settings and just de- and reactivate the home helper. Then the dialog should appear after pressing the home button.

    2) Tell my app which is the original home button app. This can also be done in the preferences of the home helper. In your case it should be the app called “Launcher”. If you install some alternative launchers like LauncherPro or ADWLauncher you can select them, too.

    If you don’t bind my app to the home button or you deactivate the home helper in the preferences, then the alert dialog might be pushed to the back if you unintentionally press the home button, because the launcher will be brought to front.


  46. Andrew Says:

    Once the app is paid for are there free upgrades?

  47. Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    of course there are free updates.


  48. giusi Says:

    I am using your application “calendar reminder” on my samsung i9000 galaxy S, it works fine, but there is a great issue: snooze time is fixed. I cannot set the time of snooze. I have to set different times for different events! I would ask you to add the ability to create different snooze time. Example: instead of one menu with SNOOZE and DISMISS buttons, a menu with DISMISS plus SNOOZE 5 MINUTES, SNOOZE 15 MINUTES, SNOOZE 30 MINUTES, SNOOZE 1 HOUR. Or something similar to this. Of course the variable of minutes should be set in options menu.
    Please let me know if you would do this little modify.

  49. Dave Says:

    Excellent programming, Frank… I would like to make a suggested change:

    The calendar appointment display disappears immediately after the audio alarm has ended (and goes into snooze when no user action has been sensed). However, that does not give me enough time to pull the phone out of my pocket/holster to see what the appointment notice was about before the display disappears. (and I don’t want the alarm to continue sounding for any length of time to allow the display to continue showing)

    I suggest that the audio alarm can sound & end, but the display continues to show the calendar notification along with the Snooze and Dismiss buttons. The user can then make his selection without the continuing audio alarm. (The continuing audio alarm is disturbing if one is in a meeting when the notification goes off.)

    Thanks for considering that modification !


  50. Says:


    Thanks for your comment. The feature you requested is already on my list and will be in the next release, cause it’t the most requested one.

    So stay tuned ;)

  51. NT Says:

    Great idea. Can you make this app for the iPhone? This is a major flaw on the iPhone, the iCalendar event alert goes off once, and it’s a little chirp. It doesn’t get your attention at all. I found your site while doing a search to fix the iPhone calendar problem…lol. Well, if Apple doesn’t fix this problem, I will switch to Android for sure!

  52. Says:

    Hey Dave,

    nice proposal. I added it to the feature list.

  53. Says:

    I’m afraid to say that i’m not going to implement this for the IPhone.


  54. Joe Says:

    Hi Frank,

    I have a formatting suggestion/bug. The gray area around the Snooze/Dismiss buttons doesn’t span the whole dialog box. Easiest way to see this is to turn the screen into landscape mode with the dialog box open. Hopefully it’ll be a quick fix for the next release! I hope you’re getting a lot of visibility on the market! This is a great product!


  55. Calendar alarms? - xda-developers Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] cleverer than me who has created an app that looks to be what you are after …. here is his blog…event-reminder apparently its available on the market __________________ Saying "Thank You" is free [...]

  56. giusi Says:

    wow wow wow frank ………. now your application is THE BEST calendar snooze in the world android ……. thx I’m really happy :-) ))))))))

  57. Christian Says:

    It worked for about one hour, then nothing… Must be a software compatibility thing: I’m also using Agenda Widget , BirdieSync (great sync Thunderbird Android), and just installed Touch Calendar.

    3 months with my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000, and I still don’t get its concept of calendar(s). In the OS setting for calendar choice, I have:
    – “My Calendar”
    – “Main” (= Google web calendar)
    – The calendar created by BirdieSync automatically, without any explanation.
    – Facebook calendar
    – “Facebook through Google” calendar

    I tried all kinds of combinations and settled on selecting the BirdieSync calendar ONLY (I don’t want my data in the cloud, and I don’t need the Facebook calendar) in ALL apps/widget. This works except for Calendar Event Reminder, which has no setting to choose the calendar to watch…

    The OS settings have no “Reminder Settings” choice. That’s one more problem due to Samsung’s customization.

    I’d appreciate your help (I bought the app) with the problem and, if you can, a little explanation of the mysteries of the Galaxy S calendar(s).

  58. Christian Says:

    Forgot to mention two things:
    – When Calendar Event Reminder worked, alarms went off at the END of the minute for which they were set…
    – “Nudnik” works OK with my setup, but it’s way too slow and ugly. I uninstalled it before to install your software.

  59. Says:


    thanks for your message. I had a look at BirdieSync and in the market teaser it says that they are using their own synchronization engine. Are the calendar events synced to your android calendar or are they using some custom calendar app? Also please have a look at the events in this calendar: Is there any reminder set for the events? Maybe it is missing and you “only” have some events stored in the calendar. You can add a reminder by opening the event in edit mode in the calendar and use alarm->choose a reminder (on time, 5/10/15 minutes earlier…). Then save the event and wait for the reminder to fire.

    On my Galaxy S i can find general settings for reminders in the calendar app->Menu->Settings->Reminder Settings. What Android version are you using? 2.2 or 2.1?

    Also i would like you to send me a logfile. Please have a look here with a detailed desciption:

    Please activate logging, then set up a reminder for a calendar event and wait for it to fire. After the time elapsed go back to CatLog and send me the logfile.

    Just some additional explanation:
    - My app will listen for reminders to fire which is done by the system. If they fire to late or don’t fire at all my app won’t get any info and is not able to show the alarm.
    - Nudnik reads the whole calendar, stores the events in a seperate database and keeps track of them. I didn’t want to use this “shadow database”-approach because it is error prone and also has some security


  60. Says:


    thanks for your mail. Could you please check, if you have activated the setting for installing third party apps to your phone? You can find it under your phone settings->Applications->Unknown Sources to yes. Then try to install the app via usb. If this does not work maybe your provider has limited the kinds of applications to install.

    Could you also please tell me which email app you want to use? If you want to use the Android client this will only work with a rooted phone. GMail or K9 work without and you don’t need to do the installtion via Super

  61. Sandbar Says:

    I am very interested in your calendar app, but I have a question.

    Does your app allow more flexibility in snoozing events?

    For example, I will often set an event with a 4 day reminder. Then, each day, I snooze it for one day. On the day of the event, I might snooze it for 4 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, etc.

    On the screen shots you show above, there are only options for:
    - 5 minutes
    - 1 minute before start
    - 5 minutes before start
    - 10 minutes before start

    I would like to see many options like:
    - 5 minutes before start
    - 5 minutes
    - 10 minutes
    - 15 minutes
    - 30 minutes
    - 1 hour
    - 2 hours
    - 4 hours
    - 8 hours
    - 1 day
    - 1 week
    - Custom (input by me at time of snooze action)

    Is this asking a lot? :)


  62. Says:


    thanks for your comment. You can customize up to six snooze buttons to your preference with different snooze logic (x minutes before start, x minutes, on time…). Until now you have to set the snooze time in minutes, so if you want to snooze i.e. 3 days, 20 hours this would be 5520 minutes and 4 hours 240 minutes.

    The snooze button will then look a bit strange (“Snooze for 5520 minutes” or “Snooze 240 minutes before start”), but i will work on the display issue on the next release ;-)


  63. Christian Says:


    I have Android 2.2. No “Reminder Settings” in the calendar, only a “Notification Settings” section, which only has “Vibrate” and “Select Ringtone”.

    I’ve uninstalled Agenda Widget and Touch Calendar, and used BirdieSync to completely replace its Android calendar with the one from Thunderbird (all events deleted in phone “BirdieSync” calendar, then all events copied from computer to phone. Deleted all unused calendars (Facebook), turned off everything I could related to sync and calendars, reinstalled Agenda Widget and Touch Calendar. Now Calendar Event Reminder seems to work just fine. My reminders were the same before, it just seem they weren’t noticed or something.

    “Are the calendar events synced to your android calendar or are they using some custom calendar app?”
    – As I said, BirdieSync creates a new “calendar” which is found in Calendar-Menu-More-Settings-Calendars. It also appears everywhere there’s a choice of calendars. BirdieSync also creates a new account in the general OS settings under “Accounts and Sync” (where I set all syncs to “off”). I’m using BirdieSync in manual mode so far, originating the sync from the phone, over wifi.

    Everything seems to work, but I don’t feel relaxed. It feels like it’s all gonna break again at the first opportunity. Nothing to do with your software, though. I’m an old hand at computers and OSes, and Android feels more and more like the beginnings of Windows. The Mac was steady as a rock, and Microsoft was enslaving us for a 20 year trip through hell. There’s definitely something to be said for Apple. Google has no support, no real centralized, detailed yet concise and clear documentation on Android. I’m sick of tweaking, I just want the damned thing to work.

  64. Says:

    had some problems getting back to you. Your email address seems not to be valid.

    Am i getting you right that my app is working now?

    I can totally agree with you that the google support has lots of room for improvement. I had the same experience espacially from a seller point of view.
    I think the problem with the devices not beeing mature is very dependend on the manufacturer. I had some experiences that could be compared to yours with Samsung Galaxy S and some Motorola devices, but am totally happy with my current HTC Desire HD.

    Maybe you could try it (also the HTC Desire is great).


  65. Stefan Says:

    Hi, love your app which is just what I’ve been looking for.
    Just one problem: on my Galaxy S it seems that the settings are not stored permanently. For example if it is shut down due to low memory, killed, of the device is restarted. Then all my settings are lost. Any idea what could be wrong?

  66. Patrick Says:

    Thanks for the great app, does what I really need at a better price than other options on the market!

    Similar to what Sandbar says – I would love the option to add more reminder times, as well as to input them in days. I think the option to add a “custom” button would work, so that when you go to snooze you have 4-5 presets (like now) but also a button labeled something like custom, which would bring up a dialog to allow you to specify a number, plus 2 drop down boxes – one for “minutes/hours/days” and one for “from now/before event/after event”, etc… This would make the snooze totally flexible.

    Also, I agree that clicking on the notification should bring up the dialog.


  67. Patrick Says:

    Also, I just noticed that the “Keep Open after Alarm” option does not seem to be working for me, on an HTC thunderbolt – the dialog disappears as soon as the alarm ends regardless of this setting. Is that normal?


  68. Says:

    Could you please try to uninstall and reinstall the app? If this does not help please send me a logfile of your system (see here: )
    Please first activate logging, then change some configuration and afterwards stop logging and send me the logfile. Also please make sure that my app will not be killed by a custom task manager.


  69. Says:

    thanks for your comment.
    I added the “extra snooze button” to the feature list above. Until now the alert will only stay open after the last reminder. So this is no false behaviour right now. There is already a feature on the feature list regarding the window staying open on every alert, which you can vote for.


  70. ramzing Says:

    Is there a demo version available for this app. I’ve been having problems with the calendar snooze app lately with reminders not showing up and would like to try this one out and see if it works.

  71. JW Says:

    using it on a Motorola Atrix 4G, but it seems that the setting “Play Sound only once” isn’t working, so the sound notification stops only after the defined “Alarm Seconds”.
    But this makes no sense as I would expect one or two Sound Notification, but the Vibration should go on for the defined “Alarm Seconds”.

    In addtion I thougt I can define Sound Patterns (like only 3 times, Sound off 10s), similar to the Vibration Settings.

    Please can you fix this and add the Sound Pattern (Amount of Sounds played).

  72. Says:


    thanks for your comment but there is and will be no demo verion as far as i can say. But i can offer you to try the app and if it doesn’t work i can refund you the money.

  73. Says:


    thanks for your comment. I had the same issue a few days ago and had to realize that the sound i selected in the sound option panel repeats ITSELF more than one time. So even if i selected to play only once, it seemed to loop two times. But actually it didn’t. Could you please check if this applies to your sound, too. You can find out by opening the sound option in the preferences and select the sound.

  74. ramzing Says:


    Thanks for the offer. I went ahead and picked it up at the android market (registered under a different name). I like your poll for the most desired features and I would have to say my top two would be
    1) A way to keep the reminder on the screen until explicitly dismissed (or perhaps an option on the notification bar that brings the item up and presents the snooze options). Also is there a way to keep multiple reminders on the screen or on the notification bar as stated above. As I see it right now a new reminder dismisses the previous one even if the older one hasn’t been explicitly snoozed.
    2) A way to set custom times on the snooze popup directly via the snooze popup, perhaps a drop down that will let you choose a custom time. This would be in addition to the preset buttons). Similar to what Patrick says above.


  75. ramzing Says:

    Add to that list: A button on the snooze popup to call up the calendar program so that the event can be edited.

  76. Steve Says:

    Do you have any type of demo or time limited version? I would like to try this and compare to some other apps before buying. Thanks.

  77. Says:


    no demo version until now, please see here:


  78. Says:

    thanks for the proposual. I added it to the feature list.

  79. dabarron6 Says:

    Hey -

    I’m trying to download your app on my new samsung sprint epic. When I try to buy, i get an error message “a network error has occurred”. I was in the sprint store when i tried this and they couldn’t figure it out. Came home and tried, but same thing. Called sprint support, and they couldn’t help.

    HELP! Thanke.

  80. Says:

    i’m afraid i can’t help you with the market problems, but you might try to get my app over at androidpit. It’s an alternative for android market.


  81. brian Says:

    I have been looking for a calendar reminder app ever since I got my DroidX. I have a few questions. 1. Can I customize the delay between the nagging reminders? 2. How do you handle multiple reminders going off at the same time? For example 2 things going off at 9am and I want to dismiss one and snooze the other, can that be done?


  82. Says:


    ad 1: You can customize
    a) the auto snooze time. This is used if the alarm isn’t manually snoozed and the alarm time elapses. The next alarm will then raise after the auto snooze time.
    b) up to 6 custom snooze buttons with different snooze actions (for x minutes, x minutes before/after, on time). You can also find this on the screenshots.

    ad 2: Multiple reminders on the same time are raised one after another. So if the first is snoozed or discarded the second will pop up. You can snooze / dismiss both of them individually.


  83. MAD Says:

    Das Calendar Event Reminder funktioniert nicht. Habe ein HTC Desire S mit Android 2.3.3 und HTC Sense 2.1.
    Habe beim standart Kalender die Benachrichtigung ausgeschaltet. Was ist das Problem. Bitte um Hilfe.


  84. Says:

    kannst du bitte prüfen, ob du für den entsprechenden Kalendereintrag auch einen Reminder gesetzt hast? Ohne einen Reminder wird meine App keinen Alarm anzeigen. Du kannst ihn hinzufügen, wenn du den Kalendereintrag bearbeitest und auf Menu->Erinnerung hinzufügen gehst.
    Solltest du das bereits gemacht haben benötige ich ein Logfile von deinem Handy. Ich habe hier beschrieben, wie du dieses Logfile erstellst. Bitte zuerst die Logging Session starten, dann den Kalendereintrag mit Reminder hinzufügen, dann warten bis der Alarm erscheinen sollte und zum schluss die Logging Session beenden und mir das Logfile schicken.


  85. Tim Says:

    One major capability seems to be missing. That is, to truly work like a snooze button (as on an alarm clock). I need to be able to hit snooze an indefinite number of times and have the reminder reset that number of minutes ahead each time it hit it (e.g. 10 minutes ahead each time I snooze). All you would need to do to implement this is to include another choice on the Snooze Type, “X minutes from NOW” Or to put it another way, please implement Relative snooze times in addition to the Absolute snooze times that are there. Thanks.

  86. Says:

    thanks for your comment and suggestion for improvement. I think the feature you want to use is already there. Just use the simple snooze method (deactivate advanced snooze buttons) or set one of the advanced snooze button to “After x minutes” and then set snooze time as you like. If you use this snooze button the alarm is snoozed for the specified time and reoccurs after it elapses. You can also do this an infinite number of times.


  87. Tim Says:

    Frank, Aha! I see it now. For some reason that menu comes up with that particular choice scrolled off screen. Thanks for the fast reply.

  88. Tim Says:


    In the spirit of making a good app even better, here are the features I would like:

    1. Button to edit event in calendar (as requested by others)

    2. Progressively insistent reminders – I want a gentle and unobtrusive reminder at first, which gets more insistent if I miss it the first time. This is important to not disturb others in a meeting, but to be sure I do get the reminder eventually. You could implement this many ways: a. Different sound/vibrate settings for original alert verses for the reminders, b. full sets of sound/vibrate – do x repetitions of set#1 followed by x repetitions of set#2, c. automatically increasing volume on the sound (as a different snooze app does – it works but I would like more control)

    3. A way to view upcoming alarms/notifications – A choice in the app or a separate widget that shows the next several pending alarms, whether they are from original calendar events, or from reminders or snoozes.

    4. Float events – This one is a bit different. I used it heavily in the Palm app, DateBk6. A floating event is a hybrid between a regular calendar event and a ToDo list item. First, here is how it would work if the calendar implemented it: The floating event would have a time and duration like an ordinary event, but also have a Done/NotDone state like a ToDo item. If it is not marked Done on that day, the event is automatically moved (or copied) to the same time the next day. Say, I have a report to write and I set aside an hour on my calendar to work on it today. I get the reminder, but day if I don’t get it done it also flows over to the next. This is not just a repeat of the alarm, it actually puts a new appointment on my calendar for the next day. Very useful! Okay, here is how you could implement it in your app: When the snooze dialog appears, give me a button to Float Event. Your app would actually add that appointment to the calendar on the next day. (Of course, you could get fancy and do it automatically at midnight, but even this one-button manual approach would be very useful.) Also, the same thing can be accomplished with multiple clicks by using feature #1 above, the Button to Edit Event in Calendar, and then changing it in the calendar – I am just looking to simplify the steps needed.

    5. Finally, a defect report – I do occasionally get spurious alarms for events that I had already dismissed, often around ten minutes earlier. This is not repeatable so it is hard to say where the problem is, but it seems to be associated with having done a mix of repetitions (ignoring the event) and specific snoozes, and maybe even having those overlap with another event and its repetitions and snoozes.


  89. Rob Says:

    I do not care for this to be published. I am just reporting what appears to be a problem. I have a Captivate and I leave the screen orientation on automatic. I have had the unfortunate event (in church) that when the alarm/reminder is activated and the phone’s position is changed from portrait to landscape, that the snooze and dismiss swipe buttons disappear and I can not stop the alarm.

  90. Says:


    wow, thanks a lot for the very detailed suggestions for improvement. I will add them (1-4) to the feature list. Ad 5: I got this from several other users and i think i found the bug. Unfortunately it will take some time to fix it and i’m very busy right now, so this won’t be out very soon :-( Anyway i will keep you all updated via twitter…


  91. Says:

    thanks for the bugreport. I’m very sorry for this malfunction and the embarrasing situation you might got into. Is this problem reproduceable with other alarms on your device? I guess the sliders didn’t reappear when switching back to portrait? If this happens again or if you can reproduce it, could you please try to turn off the screen and then on again and see if the sliders reappear?


  92. Vinz Says:

    I’m using CER on an Motorola Milestone with Cyanogenmod 7 installed (Android 2.3.4). Since installing it several weeks ago I’ve almost always had a bug where reminders would fire twice. After dismissing the first reminder a 2nd one would start about (half?) a second later.

    Today CER really started going haywire. After an event had already occurred it suddenly started spouting reminder after reminder after reminder. Dismissing them al didn’t help. Even if I did nothing and it entered snooze a new one would start something like 10 seconds later. Sometimes dismissing a few of them would give me peace for a couple of minutes, but then it all started again. I’ve tried everything I could think of, including rebooting the entire phone, changing most of CER’s settings and even the notification settings of the stock calendar but the reminders kept coming back. So unfortunately CER is disabled for now.

  93. Says:


    i’m very sorry that everything got worse instead of better. I just worked on the multiple alerts occuring and i think i found the fix. If anyone else got this problem, please get in contact with me and i will provide a beta version to test. If this is working i will push it out to the market.


  94. Vinz Says:

    Some quick testing suggests the new beta solves both my problems, which means CER seems to be working perfectly for me at the moment. So I can heartily endorse the beta if anyone else is suffering from the same problems ;)

  95. Thomas Schwarzenbacher Says:

    Hi, me again :)
    I wanted to write here for some time, never got the chance:
    I have the same problem some others seem sto be facing, namely that events pop up again after being cancelled. Just this Sat I got an alarm that had been cancelled 4 hours before, first 3 times in a row, 2 Min later EIGHT times in a row. It seems to help if I remove the reminder from the calendar entry, maarking it “done” doesn’t chance anything…
    So I’d also be willing to test the Beta, if you like :)
    (Btw: just re-installed my Milestone, now there seems to be a problem with the Homescreen Helper, I regularly get asked which Launcher I would like to use and your app isn’t in the list…)

  96. Says:

    Just pushed out release 3.3.2 with a fix for the unintentinally reoccuring alerts.

  97. Gerald Says:

    Hello I love the potential of your product. I purchased it last night but my problem is…I don’t have a data plan for my Motorola Charm. All of my alerts/reminders literally disapear after I set them and never sound as if I never set-em in the first place. I thought your product would over ride the problem and take over even when I’m not around wi-fi…seems it doesn’t. How can someone without a data plan take advantage of your app? I’ve no need to sync back and forth with google, just need your product to work for me out in the field.


  98. Says:

    thanks for your comment. Actually you don’t need a synchronization or any data connection. You only have to add an event to your phone by using your calendar app and set a reminder for it. The last step is mandatory. There will be no alarm if you don’t set a reminder for an event. Which calendar app are you using to add events?
    Also i’m not sure if i got you right. Do you mean that alerts are popping up if you sync your calendar with google? And they don’t if you do not sync? That would be a strange behaviour.
    It would be also helpful for me if you can send me a logfile of your system. Please see here. Just start logging, then add an event with reminder, wait for it to be fired and if it does not occur go back to the logging and send me the logfile.


  99. Gerald Says:

    “Actually you don’t need a synchronization or any data connection”. You’re right. I figured it out right before I got you message. I unchecked the “sync only when in wifi areas” in my settings. Thanks anyway.

    Is there a “no alarm” option? Can I put in something like paydays through out the yr/month and not have an alert (audible sound) for it? Just helps for me to see certain things but don’t need and audible sound for them once that time arrives.

  100. Says:

    you can add an event to your calender without a reminder. That way you have it stored in the calendar but will not get an alert. But i think in some cases you want to get a “silent alert” without sound but still with the popup. Unfortunately this isn’t possible right now. I will work on enhancing the settings so that you can specify a sound/vibration profile for different calendars stored on your phone. That way you could store the sound alarms in one calendar and the silent alarms in a second calendar.
    I cannot say when this feature will be ready for shipping, but i will definitely work on it.


  101. Gerald Says:

    Hello, I accendently uninstalled C.E.R. It seems to still show as a purchase under my acct in android pit but I’m having problems reinstalling it. Anything special I need to do? There is no app sync listed in my “manage app settings”. (that’s what the android pit says to do)

  102. Gerald Says:

    Disregard. I figured it out.

  103. Deron Says:

    Outstanding app! Any thoughts of creating one for missed SMS and missed Google Voice notifications? I know there are other apps that will do it, but none are nearly as configurable as the one you have created for Calendar.

  104. Says:

    thanks for your comment and the suggestion for improvement. Right now i want to stay focused on calendar reminders, but maybe i will take up your idea for some future release.


  105. Jackie Says:

    Seems to be working great so far and should prevent me from missing appointments again !
    Can I change the sound to one of my own or can I only use the tones that come with my Samsung Galaxy S ?

  106. Says:

    Hi Jackie,
    thanks for your feedback. You can find a discribtion on how to use your own sounds here. After you have copied the sound files to the right direction you maybe have to reboot your phone.


  107. brian Says:

    I installed Calendar Event Reminder 3.4 last Friday and entered a test appointment in my calendar after configuring the app. I first let the alarm roll through and auto snooze. When it came back up, I snoozed it for 5 minutes. I then unlocked my phone, opened the appointment/reminder from the CER in the notification bar and dismissed the app. My problem is that this reminder is coming back at least once a day with the only option of dismiss (which I do). Sometimes it is when I unlock my phone first thing in the morning and others it is midway through the day.

    I have had other appointments come up and I have snoozed and dismissed them without any problems. None of them have come back except my “test appointment�. The test appointment is the only one I dismissed by opening from the notification bar; all others I dismissed when the alarm went off.

    Any suggestions?

    BTW, I love the app other than this one appointment coming back.

  108. Says:

    thanks for your feedback. Does the alert come up again if you turn off/on your phone? I would appreciate to get a logfile of one such alert showing up, so i can try to get a deeper insight of what is going on at this monment on your phone (see here for a description on how to create/send a logfile: ).
    The reason why you don’t have a snooze option for the upcoming alert is strange as well. Did you deselect the option “hide snooze button”?


  109. Rick Says:

    Hi, will this give me snooze-able reminders for tasks?

  110. Says:

    unfortunately not, because my app extends the android calendar app and this doesn’t support tasks at all.


  111. brian Says:

    I can’t say if I tried a full power down of the phone since the started. I powered the phone down today and it didn’t pop up when the phone came on, but like I said it appears to be completely random times that it will show. If I can come up with a way to reproduce it I will send a log. I don’t know if I want to log my phone use all day to try to catch the problem.

    Just to be clear, the snooze button/slider shows up on all appointments except this one that comes back. I am able to snooze other appointments several times before finally dismissing them. It was just a little more info to throw out there is all.

    I’ll let you know if the full power cycle fixed it or if I can get a log.


  112. Toppy Says:

    I noticed on your last update you added a “Stop the repeating reminders if event start time is reached”. I was hoping you would add one for “Stop the repeating reminder if event Stop time is reached”. that’s the main one I was looking for.

  113. Says:

    just released a new Version with your desired feature.

  114. Oskar Says:


    it works with the calendar from lotus traveler?

  115. Says:


    thanks for your message. Frankly, i don’t know if this will work with the lotus traveler. It is based on the core android calendar, so if the lotus traveler is using same data storage than it might work. Just go ahead and try, if it doesn’t i will refund you the money.


  116. Roman Says:


    When I create an event in CALENDAR the ALARM by default is selected NONE.

    If I create an event in CALENDAR and leave the ALARM to NONE by default, I will not get any event reminders whatsoever!

    (Sometimes I forget to scroll down and click on NONE and select “ON TIME” etc..)

    Can you program your software so if I forget to click on ALARM and leave it on NONE, then your event reminder will overwrite NONE and still open the reminder anyway.

    Basically I want a reminder opened if I accidentally forgot to click ON TIME in ALARM.

  117. Says:


    thanks for your mail and for choosing my app.

    Unfortunately my app cannot show the alarm dialog when no reminder is set
    in the calendar app, because my app depends on this to work.

    But i think there would be a workaround by using a different app to manage
    your events. With Business Calendar Free or CalenGoo you would be able to
    set a default reminder for every new calendar event. This could be 15
    minutes before the event starts or even on event start time.

    Hope that helps.

  118. cyclops Says:


    I’ve had a quick look through the questions and I don’t think this has been asked.

    If I set an event at 10am, with a reminder at 10mins, can I get this app to remind me with a notification (sound &/ vibrate) at 950am, 10am (so on event), and constantly after the event if I had missed the previous reminders?

    I’d like the phone to tell me that I’ve missed an event without me having to check the screen.


  119. David Says:


    As if though you don’t have enough suggestions for new features, I have another one to add to your ever-growing list:

    A nice option is to cause the phone to go into silent/vibrate mode during scheduled meetings on the calendar and then revert back to audible/(with optional-vibrate) mode during non-scheduled meeting times.

    Thanks for such a fine product AND excellent customer responses !!

  120. Says:


    basically you can do this by setting the repeating reminder to 10 minutes, so you will be notified at 9.50am (the reminder you set for the event) and after that if you didn’t respond to it after every 10 minutes, so at 10am, 10.10am…This number of repetitions can be set to a limited number of times and to unlimited until you manually discard the reminder.
    I hope this is getting close to your means of “constantly after the event i had missed”.

    If you would like to be reminded at 9.50, 10.00 and then only after the event has finished, i.e. 11am for an one hour event, this is not possible.

    The interesting idea behind your request (if it is the latter one) is that you might like to set different reminder cycles, i.e. the first one after 10 minutes, after that every x minutes after the event. I added a feature request to the feature list.


  121. Says:


    nice idea, i will add it to the “small” list of existing features requests ;)
    I really appreciate your suggestions for improvement a lot! It helps me to continually improve my app.


  122. cyclops Says:

    thanks foobar.

    yes it would be nice to be able to change the reminder intervals AFTER the event to be something different to the reminder BEFORE the event.

    but this is 1000 times closer to what I want than what I can find out there, so you’ve got yourself a customer :)


  123. Tami Says:

    Not sure if this has been addressed before. I am really considering buying your app, but need to know if it can schedule events in intervals of every two days. Or does it just handle the reminders? I have been hunting for something that will remind me every other day to give my dog his pill.

  124. Says:

    thanks for your comment. Basically, my app only handles the reminder events of the calendar app and can set reminders for missed alarms. But i think in your case it would be better to set a repeating event every 2 days with a reminder on time. You can do so by using the app “Business Calendar Free”. Just use it to create a new event and set the repetitions on daily and then choose “every 2nd day”.

    The basic android calendar will then show a notification on every 2nd day. If you would like to get a more obtrusive reminder/alert you could use my app for this.


  125. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I really like this app. I think it is my favorite so far of the “reminder nag” apps. I have a request. Instead of auto-snoozing at the end of the alert period, how about instead an alternate mode of operation where the snooze/dismiss screen stays on top until the user interacts with it, and periodically a second different (potentially quieter and less annoying) alert sound chimes repeatedly after a predefined number of minutes.

    So basically, the order of events are as follows…

    1. Alert
    2. If no response, keep the snooze/dismiss screen on top infinitely
    3. After xx minutes, play a secondary sound
    4. Repeat until user interacts with the app to either snooze or dismiss

    Second request: Have an option to always repeat the alert ON TIME, no matter how the the user or snooze options are otherwise set. This will help me if I accidentally snooze an alert too long so I don’t miss a meeting. :-)

  126. Says:


    thanks for your suggestions for improvement. I think your first request is already supported. Just set the “stay open-mode” to “always stay open” (can be changed in the behaviour settings). Then the alert window won’t be closed at the end of the alert. After the reminder pause (can be changed in the reminder settings) the alert is played again. In order to repeat until the user dismisses/snoozes just set “repetitions” (can be changed in the reminder settings) to 0 which means unlimited.

    Your second request will go to my feature list.


  127. Travis Says:

    I just got CER in the hopes that it will fix the issue I’m seeing where the standard calendar app isn’t firing event reminders on time (or, sometimes, at all). There’s a discussion thread on it here:

    One thing that would be nice: The ability to ONLY show notifications. I know that’s sort of not what the original point of the app is, but IF this does fix the issue and I start getting reminders on time, you could possibly market to the folks like me that this is a replacement for the standard calendar reminders that actually works. Point is, if it does fix the issue, it’d be nice to have the ability to do a slightly less obtrusive reminder like just a notification since the standard calendar has the ability to do that. I don’t really need an in-your-face reminder, I just need the reminders to WORK. :)

  128. Says:

    Hi Travis,
    thanks for your comment. Just today i got a mail of another user about the same issue. Unfortunately my app relies on the android system for raising alarms, so it can’t fix the 0-minute-/on time-reminders. From my point of view this is clearly a bug in the android alarm system.

    Sorry, but this has to be fixed by google ;)

  129. Virginia Says:

    I have installed your app. which is wonderful for my purposes with one small exception. I have an Android HTC Legend and I have version 3.4.3 (which seems to be the latest). The only problem I have found is that I can’t snooze all reminders for a choice of different multiple times (eg DISMISS plus SNOOZE 5 MINUTES, SNOOZE 15 MINUTES, SNOOZE 30 MINUTES, SNOOZE 1 HOUR) like Guisi requested on 31 March. In your reply you said it was the most requested and would be in the next update. The function has appeared twice (for reminders set for the last Saturday in the month), but not for all my other reminders and not for any new reminders. Do I have a problem with my settings or can you suggest something else which might be causing the problem. I’d really like this function and it appears that many others would too. Thank you for your help.

  130. Says:

    this is really strange. This feature is available for a long time now and you just have to activate the advanced snooze option in the settings to activate it. For an alarm please push the snooze button / select the snooze slider and you will get the additional snooze buttons for the current alarm.


  131. Ben Says:

    Love your app! However, I encountered one issue where a reminder keeps triggering for an event/reminder that I deleted sometime ago. I restarted my phone and re-confirmed that the event/reminder no longer exists.

    Do I need to reinstall to try to fix?


  132. Says:


    just released a new version which hopefully fixes those re-appearing reminders.


  133. Samsung Galaxy S - Calendar alarm tone Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] your own mp3 files if you want.  He gives a hint on his website on how to set that up:  Hope this helps you out if you are still looking. The native calendar app is really [...]

  134. Frank Says:

    I am using Pocket Informant as my calendar app. Is CER compatible with PI? That is, if in PI I create an event with a reminder, will CER get a notification?

    (another) Frank

  135. Says:

    Pocket Informant is supported as long as you store your calendar entries in the phone/gmail or exchange calendar. If it is stored in the PI calendar, my app cannot recognize the alarm, because it is managed by PI only and won’t be exported to third party apps.


  136. Oceanwaves Says:

    Great app and a real improvement of the Google alarm! What I’m still missing from my Palm using DateBook: When a reminder goes off I would like to be able to configure the alarm to go off at a specified time again. For example I have reminders for birthdays. They go off at midnight (silent) and sometimes I would like to be able to change the alarm to pop up again in the evening to remind me to call the birthday celebrant. Something like a “configurable snooze”.

  137. Says:

    Hi Oliver,

    thanks for your feedback. There is already a feature on my feature list for a “configurable snooze time”-button that let you choose a snooze time in minutes and the snooze logic for every individual alarm that is triggered from the alarm window. I added to it that you can also set a specific time/day for a repeating reminder as this is what you wanted. Nice suggestion for improvement!


  138. Oceanwaves Says:

    I noticed a problem when using Calendar Event Reminder together with Gentle Alarm (Sanfter Wecker). When Gentle Alarm tries to wake me up while a reminder is active Gentle Alarm will crash.

  139. Says:

    Hi Oliver,
    seems to me that this is an issue of Gentle Alarm. Interestingly, I’m using this app to and never had a force close.


  140. Virginia Says:

    I’m still having problems. It’s totally unreliable. I’m using Business Calendar as my calendar app. At times the reminder doesn’t alert. This can happen any time. It happens at least once every day. The only way I can fix it is to turn the phone off and then back on. This usually fixes the problem, at that time – however it does it again later in the day. Is there a maximum number of reminders which can be set at any one time? I used to use a Palm which told me I usually had around 180-190 alarms set. Many of them were recurring.
    In relation to Oceanwaves comment, Not too long ago I had to force close also.
    Thank you for your help.

  141. Oceanwaves Says:

    Hi Frank,

    the crashes of Gentle Alarm occur since I installed Calendar Event Reminder, but only if there’s an all day event with alarm. Today Gentle Alarm worked fine, but I don’t have an all day event today.

    @Vrginia: I’m also using Business Alarm, but had no problems with alarms up to now. And I also transfered my events from my old Palm Treo (where I used DateBook).


  142. Says:


    thanks for your feedback. I will contact you by mail so we can try to find a solution.


  143. John Says:

    On your product it says “Works with every synced calendar”, however I found that Google calendar and PC Sync calendars are not honored and do not display a POP-UP window? The only calendar that works is my Exchange?


  144. Says:

    John, thanks for your comment. Actually my app should work with the PC Sync and Google calendar. I tried them on 4 different devices and they worked fine. Please make sure that you add a reminder for every event that you store in one of these calendars. On some devices the reminder will be added automatically, but on others you have to add it explicitly. When you are on the “edit event”-screen just hit menu->add reminder.
    Please let me know if this worked out.


  145. Paul Wachtel Says:

    I’m new to android phones, used to use a palm and datebook. With that combo, even when my phone was locked and off, the event reminder would not only sound but also appear on the screen so I knew just what the reminder was. With my android and google calendar, I do get a sound that reminds me, but I have to turn the phone on and enter my code to unlock the phone in order to see on screen what the reminder was for. It sounds like CER will enable the written reminder to appear on the screen even if the phone has been off and locked. Is this so? If so, I definitely want to buy it. How much does it cost and how do I download it on my phone (again, I am a newbie to androids, so please make the description simple).
    Also, is there a version of it that can also be downloaded to my computer, so I can do some of the settings on the bigger screen with the bigger keyboard and have them synced over to my phone?

  146. Says:

    Hi Paul,

    thanks for your comment. My app will also remind you if you have your phone locked and the screen turned off. Unfortunately it will NOT remind you, if you turn off / shutdown your device completely.
    You can get my app in the Android Market by using your phone (there should be an app with this name on your phone), or on the website:
    Additionally you can get it at androidpit.

    There is no version of it for downloading / installing on your computer, because the app only works on an Android mobile device. You can find the settings for my app just by starting it from the app drawer.

    Please feel free to contact me again if you have any more questions.


  147. Chris Says:


    Just a question : Your app notifies using alarm sound or notification sound ?


  148. Says:


    thanks for your comment. You can choose any sound you like from the settings of my app (all notification, alarm, music tunes are listed).
    Alarm volume is taken from alarm setting.


  149. Gwysock Says:

    I have been having a problem with calendar event notifications since the Gingerbread update. From what I have found it seems to be a pretty common problem. Does your app utilize the built calendar notifications? If so, it seems like your app would have similar problems. I don’t mind buying the app if it is going to work but I don’t want to pay for it and have it not work either. Thanks.

  150. Says:

    Gwysock, thanks for your comment.
    My app uses the Android alarm system which is used by the built in calendar notification as well. But i don’t know of any “common problem” in the Gingerbread version of Android regarding the alarming. Could you please get into more detail about that?


  151. Adrian Says:

    Hi. Two questions: #1. I believe that the marketing material for the calendar-event-reminder says that there is a way to conrol the vibrate feature. My Samsung Galaxy has a vibrate which is so soft that it really doesn’t work. Does your app have the ability to increase the vibration. If so, how do I control it. #2. After I downloaded your app, I began to receive unwanted pop-up ads on the bottom of my calendar screen. How do I turn off this feature. Thx.

  152. Says:

    Hi Adrian,
    thanks for your message.

    ad 1: The Android system currently doesn’t allow to alter the level of vibration. As far as i know Samsung has implemented something like this on their own but this is no standard Android feature. On my Samsung Galaxy S there is an option under Sound->Vibration Intensity. Maybe this will do the trick for you. My app gives you options to set a vibration pattern and the modes for which vibration is turned on.

    ad 2: My app is completely ad free, so there are no ads added to the calendar by my app. Maybe this is part of your free calendar app. Which one are you using?


  153. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I just noticed that if I reboot, my active, not dismissed, reminders disappear forever. That’s not good… If my phone dies I might miss reminders when the phone boots back up. I think Calendar Event Reminder should restore all non-dismissed reminders to the notification tray and maybe even optionally sound the notification again on reboot.

    I noticed as well that if I keep snoozing a reminder for some time (say, several days — maybe even a week), eventually it will just disappear, instead of snoozing. I’m thinking this might be due to the event itself being deleted from the calendar database for being too old. But I’m thinking that even in that case, Calendar Event Reminder shouldn’t care and should allow you to keep snoozing forever.

    Also, is this app still being developed? Been a while since the last update. None of the other similar apps I found in the Market (as far as I can tell) are being developed either! I’m jonesing for new features! :-)

  154. Dan Says:

    I(rather my wife) has the same problem gwysock asked about. Randomly (apparently) rhe reminder just does not happen, or happens late. this is new with gingerbread. There is quite a bit of traffic on this. I’m really curious as to whether your app fixes this, even if by accident.


  155. Dan Says:

    More about the reminder problem: copied from another blog

    1) What Android OS version are you on? 2.3.4?

    2) What was the approximate date that you suddenly stopped getting notifications? Did the problem coincide with an OS update?

    3) Does this only affect your primary calendar? Does it affect multiple calendars?

    4) Do you receive reminders sometimes or never for events on the affected calendar(s)?

    5) Does this affect recurring events? Individual events? Both?

    6) Do you experience this issue if you set reminders from Google Calendar on the web? from the Android Calendar app? from Outlook?

    7) Are you not getting an alert pop-up at all if you look at your phone at the time of the reminder? When my phone is on vibrate, I don’t hear a sound, even with a ringtone set up in Calendar settings.

    8) When you set ‘alerts & notifications’ in the Calendar app to ‘Status bar notification,’ do you still get nothing?

    1) Android 2.3.3
    2) Issue started approximately one month ago with the Android 2.3.3 update. Prior to that things seemed to work.
    3) I only have one calendar, so it only affects my primary calendar.
    4) I estimate 85% of the time the reminders are correct. The other 15% the reminders do show up, but they are very late. I have not had a reminder just not show up.
    5) This affects both recurring and individual events.
    6) It does not appear to matter where the reminder was set. I have seen it on events put directly into my phone, events I’ve been invited to over Google Calendar (from another Google Calendar user), events synchronized from Outlook, and events put directly into my Google Calendar (web site) by me.
    7) The symptom is that there is no alert at all at the designated time. No sound, no notification, nothing. Later, sometimes a few minutes after the appointment starts, sometimes hours later, the sound and notification will appear.
    8) My Calendar is currently set to (and has always been set to) “Status bar notification.”

  156. Says:


    thanks for your bug reports. I will have a look on how to restore the reminder when the phone is getting booted. That should be easy to implement. I will also do an analysis of the other problem (events dismissed for days/weeks).
    And yes, the app is still beeing developed. Unfortunately i was quite busy the last few weeks/months with my primary job, but i am still caring about my apps ;)


  157. Says:

    Hi Dan,

    i’m afraid that my app cannot fix this issue, because it relies on the alarm/time system of Android and this is obviously buggy on Gingerbread. I had an update of my device a few weeks ago and the reminders are not going off on time any more now ;(
    I’m hoping that Google or the device manufacturer will bring out an update to fix this soon.


  158. Neil Says:

    I really enjoy using this application. It gives me all the flexibility and options I want.

  159. Parrotlover77 Says:

    The missed appointment feature is not working for me. I had a calendar event snoozed for 8 hours and I had to reboot my phone before the time the event should fire. On startup, nothing. I went into the setup app and clicked “check missed alarms” and it said “No missed alerts found.”

    Thanks for finally adding the “custom” snooze button! I’m loving it. I would like to suggest a few UI enhancements for it.

    1. I can’t see the clock nor can I see the actual appointment time of the associated calendar event. So I’m “snoozing in the dark” so to speak. I would like to see what the “on time” actual appointment time is and the current time so I can make sure I snooze to an appropriate value, if I have a long reminder.

    2. I would also like a “snooze until” feature where I can specify the time I would like the next reminder to fire, instead of having to calculate it by the number of hours/minutes until that time. And I guess if you have a snooze until, you should also include xxx minutes before event in the custom control.

  160. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention. if I’m in the snooze screen and I hit “home” but am not using the home helper, it dismisses the alarm. I don’t think it should do that. It should leave the alarm alone and allow you to return to it so you can take action on it again.

  161. leho Says:

    I have a suggestion for the next version:

    - Possibility to leave the next calendar entries on lockscreen
    - Not in response to a flashing reminder of the Middle Keys


  162. Marija Says:

    Hi there, love the app. I’m on android 2.2, samsung captivate and can’t get the sound to work. I believe I have all the settings right. My calendar doesn’t give me the option to disable sound but I can select silent from the list of sounds. Any suggestions?

  163. Says:


    thanks for your feedback! Really appreciated! After using the custom snooze control for some time i already thought about your first suggestion. Will work on this. The second one is good as well, will go to the feature list. And i will have a look at the home button behavior.


  164. Says:


    thanks for your suggestions. You can already get the upcoming events on your lockscreen by using widgetlocker and a widget for showing events like Business Calender Free. Unfortunately i didn’t understand your second feature request. Could you please describe it in more detail please?


  165. Says:


    thanks for your comment/feedback. On my Samsung Galaxy S there is an option called “Set alerts & notifications” and i can select “Off”. I also selected the ringtone to “Silent” and the alarm sound selected in my app is still played. Are you sure that you didn’t set the phone to silent or vibrate only mode? You can temporarily activate all modes from the setting “Sound Preferences->Modes” of my app. This will play an alarm even in silent or vibrate only mode. If this is working then you just might have to switch to normal mode. If this isn’t working then maybe the ringtone is not found (did you choose a custom one or one that came with your phone?). Please try to select a different one.

    If this all doesn’t help, please get back to me by mail.


  166. Christian Says:

    I’m searching to improve the standard android reminders and I think Calendar Event Reminder is just the app I’m looking for. However, I’m curious about the permissions for the app.
    Can you give some background information what they are needed for, especially the phone calls permission?
    Thanks in advance.

  167. Says:

    Christian, sure i can give more info about the permissions:

    - read calendar events (android.permission.READ_CALENDAR): This is to get the time, title and location from the event when an alarm is raised.
    - modify calendar events (android.permission.WRITE_CALENDAR): When an alarm is snoozed my app has to store a new reminder for the event. This is stored in the calendar database.
    - phone calls / read phone state (android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE): This is to not interrupt active calls by the alarm and to stop the alarm when a phone call comes in
    - retrieve running applications (android.permission.GET_TASKS): Used by the home helper to get the Launchers which can be associated with the home key
    - set preferred apps (android.permission.SET_PREFERRED_APPLICATIONS): Used by the home helper to replace the launcher for the home key
    - test hardware (android.permission.HARDWARE_TEST): Used to set the screen brightness for flashing screen
    - automatically start at boot (android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED): Checks for unfinished / missed reminders when phone is started
    - control vibrator (android.permission.VIBRATE): Used for the alarm to vibrate the phone with the desired vibration pattern
    - disable standby modus (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK): Used to make sure that the screen isn’t turned off during alarm


  168. Scott Says:

    Will you application run on Android 4 (ICS)/Galaxy Nexus Prime?

  169. Says:

    yes it should. I already tested it on the ICS emulator and it worked well.


  170. Parrotlover77 Says:

    New issues I’ve noticed.

    Frequently (but not always), if I dismiss a reminder, it persists in the notification bar and I have to dismiss it again for it to actually disappear. So basically I have to dismiss notifications twice for them to go away.

  171. Carolyne Says:

    This app appears to be what I have been looking for to fill in Google Calendar shortfalls. I have a Samsung Infuse AT&T which can be a little wonky. Have you had any comments or known problems with the Infuse or AT&T’s manipulations of products that affect your app? I love the Samsung product s concept, but had four Samsung Captivates in 12 months that crashed, taking data with it on SD cards. If no known problems, will buy app!

    in the

  172. Says:


    thanks for your comment. Until now there is no known bug regarding my app on a Samsung Infuse. Just have a try and if you run into problems please get back to me.


  173. Beery Says:


    Any chance to make this excellent utility work with Lotus Traveler? Apparently Traveler is NOT using the core Android calendar but its own.


  174. Says:


    i’m sorry, but the Lotus Traveler is not broadcasting its alarms to third party apps, so i won’t be able to recognize them. It seems that IBM don’t want third party apps to integrate with it :-(


  175. Elmoe Says:

    I’m experiencing the same issue Parrotlover77 has reported.

    I am using the latest version of Calendar Event Reminder on Android 4 ICS running on a GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    Basically it is just as Parrotlover77 said. After dismissing an event reminder, it persists in the notification area and has to be dismissed again seperately from there. Basically a double dismiss. Please advise on how I can help you to reproduce the problem on your end, thanks!

  176. Beery Says:


    Looks like Traveler posts to the notification areas (title and time). Would it be possible to hook into the notifcation area as if this was the original alarm?


  177. Says:

    sorry, but this isn’t possible. Android doesn’t provide a way to hook into the notification bar and get informed about new notifications :-(


  178. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Couple issues with latest update. First, about 30% of the time, the notification will appear, but there will be no sound. I can’t see any pattern to this so far. I made sure that the sound settings have the correct ringtone and is active for normal mode and I can confirm I never was in silent/vibrate mode. The volume is up, etc.

    Also, I’m still seeing the issue I posted about on the 23rd, where after dismissing an alarm, it’s still in the notification bar and I have to click on it and dismiss it again to actually dismiss it. This seems to be happening more frequently, but maybe that’s just because I’m noticing it more since it is irritating me. ;-)

    Still love this app!!!

  179. Travis Says:

    I will have to test some more, but Calendar Event Reminder 3.6.1 took 30% of my battery today over the course of 15 hours. Android 2.3.3 on Droid X. I haven’t seen this before, so maybe it’s a fluke.

  180. ssuats Says:

    Very cool app, thanks! Would be even greater if I could select the calendars for which alarms are triggered. My problem is that I synchronize a meeting room calendar from zimbra to my phone via caldavsync. Unfortunately I am always reminded of all events from this meeting room calendar, so disabling event reminders from this calendar would be my greates feature.

  181. Says:

    thanks for your comment. The feature you requested is in the next release, which will be live the next couple days. So stay tuned :-)


  182. Says:

    To all the users having the issue about the notification staying in the notification bar: Please make sure to activate the behavior option “Remove Notification”. This should do the trick.


  183. Parrotlover77 Says:

    That seems to have done teh trick! Any update on the other issues I’ve reported lately?

  184. Says:

    i’m currently working hard on the next major version 4.0 and there will be a few bug fixes included. Hope that your problems will be fixed with this.


  185. Brad Says:

    I keep having alarms come on late, I have a stock Droid X on 2.3.3 with ADW Ex, I use Business Calendar and have all other notifications turned off. Everything else works fine, it’s just that some alarms come in waaaay late, any ideas? Thanks

  186. David Hooper Says:


    Any idea on the timing for the Increasingly insistent reminders?

  187. Says:

    Hi David,
    thanks for your comment. Sorry, but can’t say when this feature will be out. Right now it is rated top 3 so there is a great chance that i will work on it soon.


  188. Says:

    just released v4.0, which includes a bugfix for the late alarms.


  189. Shaun Says:

    Hi Frank,

    Just purchased your app to try it out. Love all the options and does everything I want for the calendar events. However, my real goal is to get reminders for my google tasks that have reminders set (I use gTasks). Is there any chance you will add this feature?


  190. Says:

    thanks for your message. Currently my app relies on the android calendar system, but i will have a look at the gtasks app and see if it fires alarms the same way. Will get back to you by mail.


  191. Regzim Says:

    This is a brilliant app. I’m a “power” Palm user (still!) and am desperately searching for a worthwhile calendar/ alarm app so the transition will be as painless a possible, and it looks like yours is the closest thing I have found yet. When I buy my Samsung Galaxy S2 yours will be the first app I buy on the market! :)
    Just throwing this out there- you know what would make my dreams come true? If you made it possible to schedule a calendar event that had its own individual alarms choosable for each invdividual event. Ex: 5:00 PM- calendar event alarm plays a ringtone alarm, 5:15 PM calendar event alarm plays an mp3 from my music library, 5:45 calendar event alarm plays a speech synthesized voice reading the text of the event title out loud. Now that would be a robust alarm app! Thanks for all your work on this app!

  192. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Couple issues with latest version. First, let me praise you on the ICS UI. It is gorgeous. :-)

    1. The snooze buttons are different sizes now. For “Custom” it’s hard to target because the button is so small.

    2. I was attempting to snooze one alarm and another alarm fired. The first alarm disappeared in favor of the second alarm. I snoozed the second alarm and the first alarm was nowhere to be found. Even clicking the “check missed alarms” didn’t bring it back. It’s as if it was dismissed. :-(

    3. When the option to send all audio through the speaker is set, I had difficulty with Bluetooth. My car BT connection reverted to speaker. No biggie, as that’s what it’s doing. First, there was no alarm sound at all. Second, when it was done, the audio never reverted back to BT. I tried disabling and reenabling BT in the settings. I tried stopping and starting all audio output (music). I ended up having to reboot my phone to get BT to work again.

    4. When my phjone was on one time, an alarm fired, but the audio alarm did not sound. Not sure how widespread this is at this point.

  193. Martin Says:

    Great app thanks Frank. I’m hoping you can help with a couple of issues.

    I have a read-only calendar (added to Google Calendar via an ICS file) which I need alarms for. The calendar doesn’t show up in the list of calendars when I uncheck “Use same settings for all calendars” so I can’t set up alarms for it. Would it be difficult to allow alarms for read-only calendars?

    You should be able to reproduce this by adding a calendar by URL to Google Calendar (available in the “Other calendars” drop-down menu below “My calendars” in the left-hand bar). An example to test with is

    Also, I have a number of calendars that show in both of my Google accounts, so they appear twice in the list of calendars in your settings screen and I have to guess which account is which. It would be great if you could show the account name as well as the calendar name in the list.

    Many thanks

  194. Says:

    thanks for your feedback, really appreciated!
    ad1: Could you please send me a screenshot of your device? I tested this on different screen sizes and it looked quite fine. I will contact you by mail so you can just reply to that.
    ad2: Sorry, that shouldn’t happen. Actually my app schedules all concurrent alarms while another alarm is ongoing and fire them if the actual alarm ended. I will do some more testing about this…
    ad3: This seems to be a bug. I am switching the system wide settings for sound routing to speaker but don’t revert to original setting. I will provide a bugfix for this. In the meantime please just deactivate the option to send all alarms to speaker.
    ad4: First of all, there could be several reasons for this that are beyond my app:
    a) The phone could be switched to vibrate or silent mode (i.e. by a profile app like Settings Profiles or so)
    b) The volume was turned down
    c) You had some other apps running that changed the sound settings like music players, etc.
    d) You unintentionally hit the volume / power keys and have activated the “mute volume” option under the behavior options

    All users that have reported similar issues to me could solve their problems by checking these options.
    But just one question: How often does this problem occur?

    At last: please let’s follow up on these issues via mail.


  195. Says:

    thanks for your message. Actually i excluded the “other calendars” of Google accounts. But i can certainly change this to show all synced calendars. I can also show the account name. Those two changes will be included in the next release.


  196. Martin Says:

    Thanks Franks, that’s great! Very responsive service – I will recommend your product wholeheartedly.

  197. elpin Says:

    Hi Frank,

    I love your app but I think the memory consumption is quite high… I just looked into the running services menu on my Galaxy S and see Calendar Event Reminder taking 57MB!

    To get this into relevance with other apps I have installed and see in the Running services menu:
    - Whatsapp – 6MB
    - software update – 3MB
    - google services – 14MB
    - Maps – 6MB
    - SlideIT keyboard – 10MB
    - Calendar Event Reminder 57MB

    57MB seems a bit much to me. Can I lower the consumption by using different settings of the reminder perhaps? Or is it a bug?

    Thanks a lot!

  198. Anderson Says:

    Hi Frank,
    I have the same question like Shaun: “However, my real goal is to get reminders for my google tasks that have reminders set (I use gTasks). Is there any chance you will add this feature?” Can you say me if this is possible, please?

    Thanks you for answer

  199. Says:

    Hi Anderson,

    yes i’m planning to integrate gTasks, but this will take a little longer. Please stay tuned ;)


  200. t1000 Says:


    Your app is great and i’m very pleased to use it.
    However, when i dismiss a reminder an my android phone, i expect outlook reminders to be dismissed too but reminders still stay in the outlook reminder window.

    Hope this is just a bad setting i use or something easy to fix.


  201. Knut Says:

    This is a very usefull app! It helps me every Day.
    But I have a problem with the button to open the event when the reminder is showing.
    I use the app Business Calendar as Standard Calendar app. After I used the open button the reminder is closed and the reminder stopps.

  202. Eric Says:

    Hi Frank

    I’ve just purchased this app as I thought it has the potential to be a great app (good as it is) especially with all the additional planned / future features.

    However, I notice one immediate important feasture that is missing, i.e. the additional reminder DESCRIPTION / NOTE is not displayed on the notificatin dialogue when it’s triggerred. I think this piece of information is crucial as one might be missing out the key message within the description.

    Also, please can you include an option to just close the notification dialogue box as one might just want to read without amending the snoozing times.

    I’m particularly interested to see the integration with Google Tasks which would really set this app apart from others.



  203. Says:

    i will push out an update soon which will be optimized for memory consumption. On my devices it will then stay at about 5-8MB.


  204. Says:

    actually i’m storing all information about alarms in the standard Android calendar database, so this SHOULD also be synced back to Outlook. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and it even doesn’t work with the default Android reminders (disabling my app). So i think this is a fundamental problem of the Android sync, which i’m not able to solve :-(


  205. Says:


    thanks for your feedback. This will be fixed with the next release.


  206. Says:


    thanks for your feedback. You are right. Currently the description is not shown, because it might break the layout. But i will think about how to integrate it (maybe optionally).
    The feature request about just closing the reminder window (without dismissing) is a bit tricky. Maybe you could use the option to not remove the notification when the alarm is dismissed?
    And be sure that i’m already working hard on the GTasks integration ;)


  207. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Frank & t1000: Outlook’s reminder box is completely independent of all other clients. There is no way for CER to sync that status back to Outlook/Exchange because that status is simply not capable of being synced.

    This is an annoyance (or a feature, depending on your perspective) that has been well known for some time through Exchange+Outlook deployments. A reminder goes off, you need to dismiss your phone, your laptop, your tablet, and your Outlook Web Access. Ugh.

  208. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Frank – I think you can just close the reminder activity. Currently I just disable home helper integration so I can “close” CER by clicking my home button without dismissing the reminder. It works well. The only disadvantage is that it takes me to my home screen instead of the app I was previously on. Oh well.

    Also, I second showing the description/notes field on the screen as an option. It should be optional due to possible privacy concerns from some people.

  209. David Hooper Says:

    I have been geting force closes since the 4.3 update.

  210. Travis Says:

    I, too, have had a couple of force closes in the last couple of days. I’ve used the “Report” function to send in data about them, but I’m not sure if that makes it back to you or not.

  211. Says:

    David, Travis,
    thanks for your feedback. The reports reached me and i will push out an update for these bugs as soon as possible.


  212. Says:

    the problem with the “close” is that i have to dismiss the reminder explicitly. Otherwise it will reoccur sometime in the future. So actually the close has to do the same like the dismiss.


  213. Says:

    To all customers getting FCs: I just released v4.3.1 with some fixes. Please update.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!


  214. Knut Says:

    I’m missing the update in the androidpit store!
    There is only Version 4.2 available.

  215. Says:

    I’m very sorry for those numerous bugfix-releases. The last one was a result of an IDE update…so: many thanks to Google :-\

    App is out now with v4.3.3 (also on AndroidPit).

  216. Travis Says:

    I’ll wait and see if 4.3.3 fixes this… but in 4.3.1, I can’t actually open CER to see the options menu. I see the title bar with “Calendar Event Reminder” at the top… and gray over the rest of the screen.

  217. Says:

    4.3.3 fixes the bug with opening the app.

  218. Travis Says:

    Yup. 4.3.3 has me back in business. Thanks!

  219. Susan Says:

    Your app does not seem to work with Jorte Calendar even though I have your app set to work with “all acalendars.” I have a Razr Maxx with Android 2.3.6

  220. Says:

    Susan, thanks for your comment. After you installed Jorte, you will be asked which type of calendar to use. You have to select Google then, because the jorte calendar isn’t supported by my app. This is, because jorte has its own implementation for alarms which my app cannot hook into.

    Hope that helps.

  221. Alan Miller Says:

    Is there a way to set custom alarm settings (e.g. MP3, vibration, etc.) that vary depending on the calendar that is the source of the alarm? My wife is used to setting custom ringtones for calendar events (e.g. Song A for work meetings, Song B for other work items, Song C for meeting with friends, etc.) on a “feature” phone, and now that I’ve gotten her onto Android she’d like to be able to do the same thing.


  222. Says:

    Alan. If you are using different Google calendars than this can be done with my app. Just uncheck the ‘global settings’ and you get different settings for each calendar. Then you can set up different alarm ringtones.

  223. Alan Miller Says:

    Great, thanks. You might highlight that, it may be the only way people can get semi-customized alarms whole using the stock calendar of they’re used to them on other platforms.

  224. Alyssey Says:

    I’d love to be able to see the details/description on the same popup with the reminder. I can’t find any way possible at the moment, am I wrong? Is it currently possible?

  225. Says:

    thanks for your comment. Currently there is no chance to put the details in the alert window. But this feature is already planned. You can also vote for it for a faster implementation.


  226. Alyssey Says:

    Thanks for answering! I don’t know which one is it, in the voting section, maybe I’m misreading, which one is it? I’d definitely vote for it!

  227. Says:

    Woops, i thought i added an entry for this already. Now you can find the entry “Option to show details of event in alert window”.


  228. Sheila Says:

    I needed a nagging notificaiton on my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket’s calendar so I just downloaded your app. However, even after reading the usage guide, I am still confused about the “home” key. When I used to press “home” it took me to my home screen. Now I get “Complete action using Calendar Event Reminder Home or TwLauncher”. I am nervous to set either of these as default because I don’t know what’s going on and don’t want to screw up anything in case I decide to uninstall the app. I just want to get back to my home screen like I used to be able to. Thanks for helping!

  229. dayvan Says:


    First off, thanks for this great app.
    However, I’m having an issue with the volume being modified when the calendar event is activated.
    I have a problem with it in these two cases:
    1. I’m listening to music with headphones (Medial volume is at 40%), then a calendar event occurs, volume is adjusted to high, which causes my ears to explode because the music also starts playing loud.
    2. I use Llama – Location Profiles, so that when I’m at work, ring/notification volume is reduced to 20%. But , when a calendar event occurs, its volume is high.

    Any way of adding a feature to not adjust the volume?


  230. Says:


    thanks for your message. The Home Helper will work like a proxy and sends the event of pushing the home key back to your original app. So when there is no alarm you will get to your home screen just like before. But in case of an alarm my app will absorb the push event so you won’t send the alarm window to the back.

    Hope this makes it clear.


  231. Says:

    Hi Dayvan,

    thanks for your message. You can solve this issue by selecting a different “volume type” from the sound preferences. There you can choose to use i.e. “media” so the system setting for volumes of media streams is reused. So if the volume is reduced this will also apply to any alarm that is raised.

    Hope this helps.


  232. dayvan Says:

    Ahh, :facepalm: , I can’t believe I didn’t notice that before.
    Works great, thanks again :)

  233. Nik SPitz Says:

    I have a Sony Ray smartphone with Android 4, Jorte calendar and your Calendar Event Reminder. Unfortunately it seems to me that the combination does not work as expected or it doesn’t work at all.
    Therefore the following queston: does Calendar Event Reminder (CER) cooperate with Jorte Calendar (free version)? Cooperation means: CER generates a nagging reminder for Jorte events.
    What are the main configuration mistakes which prohibit the combination to work properly?
    Is it possible to let CER switch on at the event (not only 5 or more minutes before the event)?

    nIk Spitz

  234. Says:

    Dear Nik,
    after installation of Jorte you are asked how you want to store the events added to your calendar. You then have to choose Google Calendar. If you choose “Jorte” then my app won’t be notified when an alarm gets raised. This is because Jorte provides its own notification functionality and doesn’t use he Google calendar notifications.

    You can fix this by first exporting your events to the Google Calendar and uninstall / reinstall Jorte. After that you can choose the Google Calendar as data storage and you should get alarms for your events. But please mind to always set a reminder for every event that is added to the calendar.


  235. Travis Says:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 on Ice Cream Sandwich: I’m getting most alarms, but the first one of the day gets missed about half the time. If I use the “Check missed alarms” feature, it pops up. I can see the notification is set in the event, too. Is there any log or anything I could look at to see why that’s getting missed?

  236. Says:

    Please help me to translate my app to different languages:

  237. Mike Says:

    I have a Galaxy S3. I use the stock S Planner calendar all the time but cannot use a custom event notification on it. If I set it to use one I imported it defaults back to a stock tone of short duration. I am hard of hearing and need the event alarms to be longer that a second or 2. Will your app allow me to use custome ringtones of longer duration and maybe even up the volume as I carry my phone in a horizontal leather holster that attenuates the sound. Thanks

  238. Says:

    you can of course use a custom notification / alarm sound and it also will be played as long as you whish (default is 60 seconds) ;) . If you want to use an mp3 as alarm ringtone just follow
    this guide.

    You can also customize the volume you want to use and this can be one of the system configured volumes (like alarm, music, notification…) or just one for my app (default).
    You can find the sound settings below the calendar settings / all calendars.

    Hope this helps. If you need any further assistance, just let me know.

  239. Peter Says:

    Seems like a great app, however I am having trouble getting it to work. I have a Samsung galaxy Player 4.2 – android gingerbread 2.3.6. I have tried to follow all suggestions here to use with default calendar that comes on device ( turning off alert, setting alert tone in Event Reminder instead, setting reminder for scheduled event, etc.) Are there any known issues with this device or a troubleshooting guide I can follow?


  240. David Hooper Says:


    Are you ever going to add the increasing insistant reminder option? It has been number two on the list for the next version through 4 or 5 versions now. Would some kind of donation help?

  241. Michael Says:


    I have used this app for a long time now, but I miss something I’m quite sure I saw in earlier versions? I have an iCal calendar i sync to Google, but it doesn’t contain any alarm information. I think i saw an option before to “make” alarms for events that didn’t contain any alarm? Is it removed, or have i confused it with another app maybe? It would be a great feature that I really need if it’s not there otherwise.

    Keep up the good work!

  242. Michael Says:

    I just saw that it actually was Nudnik Calendar Reminder that had that option. I really hope you will take this feature in consideration for feature version, it would be a great option to have reminders on events that doesn’t have that as default (like if I sync a iCal online calendar).


  243. Says:

    thanks for your comment. I will take this feature request to my todo list.


  244. Says:

    the increasing insistent reminder will come with the next release. A first implementation is already done.


  245. Michael Says:

    I am using Calendar Event Reminder for a longer period of time now and I still like at.

    But as there seems to be some Problems with all day events in Android generally (always remind me at 02:00 amm which is annoying), i’ve tried Calendar Snooze that provides a feature to postpone all day events (mostly birthdays in my case) to a specific time. It seems to work in a short time test, but I returned to CER, as I don’t like the UI and usage of Calendar Snooze. Most of my all-day events now have a custom reminder date, so it’s not a problem currently, but when syncing new birthdays with Thunderbird again, it might get one again ;)

    This feature would be nice in CER.


  246. Says:

    did you have a look at my faq?

    If this information doesn’t help to solve your problem, please get back to


  247. Says:


    thanks for your suggestion. I just took it onto my feature list for voting.


  248. Naveen Says:

    Request to please add support to GTasks. I use GTasks, simple calendar and Calendar Event Reminder. Simple Calendar already supports GTasks. It will be really great if Calendar Event Reminder can also support GTasks. It would be perfect.


  249. Robert James Says:

    My samsung galaxy two home screen had a nice digital clock at the top of the home screen. Your home screen does not include it and I don’t see it in apps. To add a widget under samsung I just press and hold an empty spot on the screen and then press add a widget. On your screen when I press and hold a blank spot I only am offered a choice of wallpaper. How do I add a widget under your program?

  250. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Michael’s suggestion sounds awesome! I’m usually awake at midnight, but it is very annoying that the reminder dings at that time.

    Frank – Can you announce a timeline for new features? Several features that are uber important to me personally, but are not high on the list, have been on the list for a year or more. I’m just curious if I can realistically expect any of those features in the future or not.

  251. Says:


    thanks for your comment. GTask support is already on my list of features and will be implemented, though i cannot say when i can provide this feature.


  252. Says:


    actually my app doesn’t replace your home screen, it just works like a filter for the button to catch and absorb events when the home button is pressed during an alert. My app doesn’t modify your homescreens at all. Therefore you should still be able to add widgets there by long pressing on a free area. The digital clock on your homescreen is also a widget. This might not reside in the app drawer so you can only find it by adding widgets.
    If this all doesn’t help, you can also disable the home helper from the preferences of my app. This disables the interception of the home key.

    Hope that helps.


  253. Says:


    next feature shipping will be the increasing insistent reminders which is a high demanded one. I’m implementing them regarding their priority which is determined by you – the customers – rating them. If there is a feature, which can be implemented fast and which doesn’t have a high priority, it might also be provided, but this cannot be guaranteed. The feature Michael suggested seems to be very easy to implement so it might be in one of the next releases, but not the next one (which is in testing already).
    So the roadmap is affected by a mixture of the priority of the feature (no. of votes) + how difficult is is to implement.
    Because i’m developing this app in my spare time, i cannot provide a fixed time frame for every feature which is on the list. I do hope that you understand this.


  254. Francis W Says:

    Hi, I just downloaded your app and it’s really awesome, it improves the default calendar app by leaps and bounds. I used to miss the default reminder due to its short notification, non-repeating and no vibration.

    I’m hoping you could add a setting in the menu to increase the vibration intensity since I tend to wear thick clothings (or perhaps I just have thick skin! :) ).

  255. Says:


    thanks for your comment. The vibration intensity cannot be altered. This is a Samsung specific feature and not available to non Samsung apps.


  256. Francis W Says:

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3. Today I rebooted the device and got an update for the CER app, with the vibration intensity settings. Talk about out a fast turn around time! Many thanks, Frank! :-)

  257. dan55 Says:

    hi Frank,

    just trying your app out after using calendar snooze for a long and think it looks good.

    it would be very cool if you could add a new screen to show all active reminders, and then allow snoozing etc from that new screen ;) this is missing from CS app. it would be very useful as i have a lot of reminders! :D

    also a save settings to sd card would be very good i think

    i like the snooze notification icon :)

    i tried to vote for more than one item in the list but dont think it let me :/


  258. Dan Coates Says:

    The instructions tell you to turn off the default calendar alert because of conflict, which is fair enough, however, when you then create a new event on android default calender it does not give you the option to set a reminder, unless you save it and then go back into it and set a reminder? are you able to set a default reminder using CER? if you can I can’t find it! can anyone let me know?

  259. Says:

    Dan, please try to not disable the default calendar alert. With some versions ago i figured out how to suppress the stock calendar alert, so disabling it is no must. However on some devices it still has to be turned off. Unfortunately CER cannot set a default calendar alert for every event, right now.

  260. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I have a small feature request I hope can make it in fairly quickly: Can we have the option of setting a custom background image for when we want the blank background, instead of using the launcher background image?

  261. Dan Coates Says:, Thanks for that I just figured out I could leave it enabled and that way it works fine on android.

  262. Says:

    I added a feature request regarding a custom background image to my list.

  263. Dan Coates Says:

    Could I add a request that you make the slide to snooze/cancel slides shorter, as on my HTC one S, I’m nearly across the screen before the slide is accepted, meaning I struggle to cancel/snooze sometimes!

  264. Says:

    Dan, did you check out the ICS interaction wheel? You can change it in the interaction preferences of CER. If you did and still need the sliders: Could you create a screenshot and send it via email? This helps me to understand your problem even better. Thanks!

  265. Dan Coates Says:

    Didn’t realise that setting was there! Using the ICS wheel is much better, thanks for that.

  266. rich b Says:

    The other day CER popped a message up saying something to the effect that it could’t verify my license and would be going silent. I think this may be because I logged out of my google account (deleted the account from my phone). After logging back into my google account it seemed to go back to normal. Can you verify if CER requires the google account? How often does it need to verify the license? Thanks!

  267. Says:

    CER has to validate the license against your Google account, because all licenses of bought apps are stored there. So yes, you need your Google account and a working internet connection to verify the license. According to this documentation the response is then saved/cached “typically for a number of days” for a licensed application. Sorry that i cannot be more concrete…


  268. rich b Says:

    Frank, thanks for the info and the pointer. The documentation seems to be under Google Play Distribution. To be clear, does this check also apply if the app is purchased through a different store? I see CER at, would that also require the google account?

  269. Says:

    Most of these websites ultimately link to the Google Play store and don’t sell the app on their site (this also applies to There is only one true second app store where you can buy CER: androidPit. The license validation checks both stores for a valid license.


  270. rich b Says:

    Oh, I see. Thanks for the clarification!

  271. fred echaves Says:

    Paid for and installed app and it won’t give any kind of audio alert. Have checked and rechecked settings and still nothing. Had app before Ans it worked fine. Has to reset my phone and lost all of my apps installed version 5.0 after reset and nothing. Screen lights up by no vibration nor alarm

  272. Says:

    Hi Fred,

    thanks for your comment. Did you have a look at the FAQ? There is a hint
    about missing sound. Please go to the sound settings and there please
    select a ringtone. Do you hear it then? If so, hit ok and scroll down to
    the volume settings. There please change the alarm volume. Again: Do you
    hear your previously selected ringtone?


  273. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Any chance of implementing this in the near future: Option to get reminded on time always, regardless of the snooze time

    I am getting really tired of missing appointments because my reminder goes off before a meeting, i forget to manually snooze “on time” so then it doesn’t beep again until well into the meeting after the automatic snooze times out.

  274. Dana Says:

    I’m thinking of getting an HTC One, and Calendar Event Reminder has been recommended to me. Can you snooze it for 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, etc. That feature is available on the app I use now (but that app does not work and is not supported on Android operating systems above 4.2).

    Also, what happens if you do you not respond to it? Does it stay on the screen, even when the phone has gone to sleep? Will the alert led be activated?

    Thank you very much,


  275. Marcel Says:


    I have a approval from my girlfriends calendar in my Google caladar. We want to use it together. The calendar is shown in “acalendar” and also in CER. The countdown for an event is shown in CER but there is no alarm on the display, no sound and no vibration.

    what’s wrong?

  276. Travis Says:

    CER 5.3.1
    Android 4.3
    Samsung Galaxy S3

    Verizon recently updated the S3 to Android 4.3. Since then, I’ve had an issue where CER will periodically lose its media settings. That is, the selection I’ve made for the alert ringtone gets lost. This typically is seen after the phone is rebooted. Not every time, but, say, once every couple of weeks.

    When I see this, the sound reverts to a “beep” and when I look at the settings, no ringtone at all is selected for alarms.

    I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled to see if that fixes it; it doesn’t.

    I’m going to try moving my chosen ringtone off the SD card to the onboard memory to see if that helps.

  277. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Travis – I’ve had this same behavior and talked with the author about it before. It happened to me consistently whenever I added or removed media files in my ringtones or notification folders. Doing so would cause the URI used to reference ringtones to change and then every single app with custom ringtones or sounds would have to be reset. It is incredibly frustrating and clearly a bug Android. I’ve seen it across multiple devices and multiple versions of Android. The best advise I have is to not add notification sounds in any of the notification directories once you get them all set up. For example leave /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones alone. The other media directories such as music and videos don’t seem to bother it.

  278. Travis Says:

    Parrotlover77 – That’s the thing, though: I haven’t added, removed, or changed any ringtones. I haven’t done anything to the phone other than restart it.

    That said, what you mention does hit home for me since I have another app, SMS Popup, that does text message notifications… and it loses sounds at the same time CER does. What I can’t figure out is why, since I’m not changing anything. Perhaps an app update (of an unrelated app) is doing that add/remove/change for me? I guess I wouldn’t know.

  279. Sunil Says:

    Can I purchase this apps thru paypal? Please inform the details.

  280. Says:

    Yes, you can find my app also on AndroidPit and as far as i know they also allow paypal for paying.

  281. Says:

    Marcel, i found an entry on the Google forums that doesn’t look very promising:!topic/calendar/svOe_Ujv3SE

    It seems that Google doesn’t offer the feature you are looking for :-(
    Because CER is build on top of the Android calendar system and is not syncing any data, i cannot offer a solution for this right now.


  282. Says:

    Hi Dana, to keep it short: Yes all this is possible with CER :-)


  283. Piero Calza Says:

    I’ve just installed your app into my new samsung S2 plus with android 4.2.2
    Normally I like to set the alarm “1 minute before” but every time the reminder it is setted by default on “15 minutes before” and I have to modify it to “1 minute before”.
    On my previous phone 2.3.6 it was setted to “1 minute before” every time, but I do not remember how.
    Please let me know how can i set “1 minut before” as default.
    Best regards

  284. Says:

    Piero, you can set the default reminder time in the settings of the Android calendar app, not within CER.

    Hope this helps.


  285. Piero Calza Says:

    Thank you very much for your replay. Unfortunately I can’t find this setting in Samsung calendar app (ver 4.2.2).

  286. Efendy Says:

    Need to show ‘relative time to now’

    Say today is Sat 19 Apr, and the alarm is going off showing ‘Picnic 20/04/2014 13:00′. Wouldn’t it be a million better if it showed ‘Picnic Tomorrow(20 hrs to go) on 20/04/2014 13:00′.
    Another example, today is Sat 19 Apr, and the alarm is going off showing ‘Meet client 23/04/2014 10:00′. Wouldn’t it be a million better if it showed ‘Meet client Next Wednesday on 23/04/2014 10:00′. By showing ‘relative time to now’ it would make us have a million better sense of when the event will take place.

  287. Says:

    Piero, I sent you an email with a screenshot, where to find the setting.

  288. Says:

    Efendy, thanks for your comment. I will think about how this can be applied.

  289. Mike DuVall Says:

    After the latest update (not usre if it was 5.4, 5.4.1, or 5.4.2) the buttons on the Snooze/Dismiss dialog are working slightly differently. I’m currently using Interaction Style “Simple Buttons”. Previously, when an alarm went off and I tapped Snooze or Dismiss, the button highlighted, which kind of simulated depressing the button and giving feedback on what button you tapped. Now, when an alarm goes off, I can tap these buttons, but there is no highlighting to give feedback on what you pressed. The button presses work, just no hightlight. However if I pull up the CER app, view the list of events, tap on one, it displays the Snooze/Dismiss dialog, and the buttons work normally. So it’s only when an alarm goes off that the buttons don’t display right. These worked fine before I updated.

  290. Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Yes this is a known bug that was introduced by a new feature to prevent interaction with the home button of your phone. With the upcoming version that will be released soon you can disable it in the home helper settings. Cheers, Frank

  291. Mike DuVall Says:

    Frank, I just updated to the new version and the problem is indeed fixed. Thanks for the fast update. Also, I do like the new ability to snooze to a specific date and time.

  292. Ken O. Says:

    Good day, I’ve begun having an issue with CER. (I left a message under the FAQ but it was apparently moderated out)

    I’ve used CER through 2 phones now and it’s been great! (Currently an HTC One M8 with Android 4.3)

    Earlier this week though, something changed and it no longer plays the alarm sound. Everything else works, the alarm fires only without sound.
    Sounds levels are correct and set in Android and CER, notifications in Android Calendar are set (and no alert sound applied in there), and a test alarm in CER works fine with sound and everything.

    Somehow when it’s coming from the calendar it loses the sound capability.
    I tested another alarming app and it was able to produce sound from calendar reminders, but I’d like to get CER working normally again. (It’s FAR better than the other one….)

    Can you offer a little guidance?

    Thank You!

  293. Says:

    Hi Ken,

    actually I already replied to your first message via email. And I tried again today but got a bounce.

    Could you please export your settings via CER and send it to me? You can find the file on the sdcard under directory “cer”.
    Also it would help a lot to get a system log file. You can find details on how to produce it here:


  294. Berny Chang Says:


    The app doesn’t show the pop up anymore but notifications work.

    Any ideas?

  295. Shemkel Says:

    After last update CER doesn’t work correctly on Sony Xperia Z (Android 4.4.4) and Sony Xperia Z2 (Android 4.4.4). I reinstall application and reset settings but still have a problem. Could You send me previous version ?

  296. Says:


    sorry for the problems. A new version is already released and fixes those problems.


  297. Says:

    see above, update was just released!

  298. Mike DuVall Says:

    Every since the November update, I’ve been having several recurring problems:
    * A couple of times a week CER crashes. It immediately restarts and most of the time it’s fine. Sometimes, however, it loses all the snoozed alarms
    * About once a week CER seems to get stuck sounding a previously snoozed alarm, and the alarms just keeps going off for a long time. It then eventually crashes and as above, usually recovers.
    * Occasionally it will show no sniized alerts in the CER alert list. If I leave the app and then go into again, it will usually show all the snoozed alerts.

    I used CER for several months with no issues. It definitely seems like the November update caused these problems to start.

    I’m happy to send you more info and error logs if needed. Just let me know what info you need.

  299. Mike DuVall Says:

    Frank, I think you sent me a message to my private email. It went to my spam folder and I accidentally deleted it and can’t undelete. Can you send your email again? Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


  300. Josh Says:

    The app has become unreliable since I upgraded my Moto X (2014) to Marshmallow. I won’t receive reminders for recurring events that used to work perfectly. Sometimes I’ll receive a reminder for an event late, in place of the next event. In either case, the events appear as they should, with the scheduled alarm, in the list of events. Also, when I check for missed events, I don’t see any.

    I sent an email about this but did not hear back. I would appreciate any advice you have.

  301. Wolff Says:

    Works under Android 6.0?
    Regards wolff

  302. Says:

    Yes works, but you have to disable the battery optimization under Android power options.


  303. Says:

    Hi Josh,

    did you try to disable the battery optimization for CER under Android power options? I’m using CER on an HTC One M8 under MM and this helped to make the app reliably again.


  304. Josh Says:

    Yes, I disabled battery optimization for CER, and it did nothing. I still miss events.

    I also tried disabling battery optimization for Google Calendar just in case there was some dependency.

  305. Says:

    Josh, OK. Could you please also try to deactivate battery optimization for the apps ‘Calendar storage’ and ‘Google Calendar sync’? If this doesn’t help I would recommend to deactivate it for all apps in order to find out if this has anything to do with it. Besides that I know that some Marshmallow devices suffer from bugs in the Android system that Google needs to solve. But let’s hope it’s something about the battery optimization.
    Cheers, Frank

  306. Josh Says:

    Google calendar sync doesn’t appear at all under battery optimization. But I’ve turned off optimization for Calendar, CER, and calendar storage.

    That didn’t help.

    Is there a way to turn off optimization for all apps at once? I only know how to do it one app at a time. If I have to do it that way, I’d prefer to start with other apps that you suspect might be involved.

  307. Josh Says:

    I don’t think this is battery optimization changes in Marshmallow. In addition to the fact that I’ve turned off battery optimization for a large number of apps at this point, CER notifications ate also not appearing at times when Doze is not (or should not be) on. I can be using the phone, or moving around with it in my pocket, and I still won’t get a reminder.

  308. Elmoe Says:

    Hi Frank,

    I love CER and have been using it for years. I recently got a Nexus 6P and installed CER. Everything seems to work perfect except the default calendar reminders are not being surpressed properly. So I end up getting the CER notification and also the default Google Calendar notification.

    Is there a workaround for this?

    Also is it required to disable battery optimization for CER to work on newer versions of Android? I didn’t know about this until I read through some recent comments here. It would be worthwhile to update your FAQ and also proactively notify new user upon install that this is needed.


  309. Marshall Abrams Says:

    CER has stopped working. Android version G930VVRS4CRG2. Power saving mode is OFF. Are there any other global setting I should check?

  310. Marshall Abrams Says:

    I may have found the answer. I have a Galaxy S7. Under Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps , add CER.

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