Android App: Email Widget

Use this Android Application to put a widget with your recent emails of a certain email folder on your homescreen. You can use it with every synced email folder for an Exchange, POP3, IMAP or GMail Account.  You can find many custom skins on my Skin Site. The following environments are supported by this app/widget:

Enhanced Email
Android 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3
K9 Mail AppGMail App until V2.3.4.1
GMail App  >=V2.3.5

Desire HD / Desire Z / Droid Incredible 2 / EVU 3D  ONLY WITH ROOT


For “only with root” please see the description (Installing as system app) below!

By touching the widget you can open emails (GMail only with internal viewer) or the email app. Additionally it displays a small icon to indicate wether a mail is read / unread (K9 does not support this feature). You can use it as 3x(1-4) or 4x(1-4) widget. Different widget configurations are supporte.

Update Version 5.4:

  • Added support for Enhanced Email
  • Messages can now be opened from widget for K9 provider (PLEASE UPDATE TO LATEST K9 mail!)
  • Added internal viewer for GMail provider
  • Resizing of widget now supported (depends on launcher)
  • For GMail provider the widget now displays messages instead of conversations
  • Fixed: GMail provider now displays messages from inbox only if “only unread” is selected

Follow me on Twitter @invalidobject_ to get infos on recent develeopment.

ATTENTION: The App doesn’t work on Android 2.2 / Froyo (except for HTC) for the build in mail app out of the box, because of the strict permission system (technical details here). You can bypass this by installing the app as a system app. For this root access is required, explanation below. You can also use K9 or Enhanced Email.

GMail support only works out of the box until GMail V2.3.4.1. On the current version c.2.3.5 Google locked down GMail. Please see this post.

Please feel free to contact me for any feature-requests, bugs, ideas, questions or other feedback through the comments below. If you have any problems, send me a mail with the detailed logfile (option in the app menu, file is located under /sdcard/emailwidget_log.txt) for support.


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Installing app as a system app

PLEASE NOTE: The following is at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damage or malfunction of your device! Please also mind, that rooting might void your warranty.

You only need to do this, if my app tells you that android has blocked access to your mails (see screenshot below). If this does not appear but you cannot choose a mail folder, then your phone stores mails in a non standard and non compatible mode.


Option 1 (via File Manager):


  1. Install the app emailWidget from the market
  2. Be sure not to put a widget of the app on a homescreen
  3. Start Super Manager
  4. Go to Settings and activate root support (Enable ROOT functions)
  5. Go back and open the File Explorer
  6. Move to directory /data/app
  7. Find my app Email Widget (look out for the app icon) and select it
  8. Use the “cut”-symbol from the commands below (the scissors)
  9. Now hit Menu->Switch System R/W->R/W (this makes System folder writeable)
  10. Go to /system/app and paste my app in it (the command icon which looks like a sketch sheet)
  11. Now reboot

Option 2 (via shell):


  1. Install the app emailWidget from the market
  2. Be sure not to put a widget of the app on a homescreen
  3. Start Better Terminal Emulator
  4. Type in the following commands (without the content in brackets)
  5. su (get root)
  6. mount -oremount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system (remount the system-filesystem read/write)
  7. cd /data/app (go to the directory /data/app)
  8. busybox mv de.foobarsoft.emailwidget.apk /sdcard (move app to your sdcard, app gets uninstalled)
  9. cd /sdcard (go to the directory /sdcard)
  10. busybox mv de.foobarsoft.emailwidget.apk /system/app (move app to system-folder, app gets installed as system app)
  11. Maybe you have to restart your phone.

Now you should see the app in you app-folder again. Select a mail folder now and add the widget to your homescreen. It should work now. For Froyo Users: Please see the comment below.

Note: Some devices require to enable modifying the system-directory by putting the device to a mode called S-OFF. This is the case if you start your device after the steps above and the directory /system/app does not contain the emailwidget-apk. You can find information on putting your device to S-OFF here.

- Fixed: Sometimes Widget caused the system to lag and the Launcher to be unresponsive or crash
- Refactored autoupdate to be less ressource intensive
- Optimized performence for querying provider
- Updated Korean language translation


  1. Ted Loomos Says:

    Email widget does not appear to work on Droid v2.2. There are no calendars available to select.

  2. Ted Loomos Says:

    Correction to previous message. App does not appear to work because there are no mailboxes available to select. On Droid running 2.2

  3. Says:

    Hi Ted, thanks for your bug report. I will have a look at it and try to fix it as soon as possible. Could you tell me more about the concrete setting?

    - Which Phone are you using?
    - Do you use the build in mail functionality of android or any third party tool like touchdown or k9?


  4. Says:

    Ok found out, that android usually blocks all access to email-accounts from other apps (s. above). This means that no app can access the emails stored by the system email app. If you still want to use my app you have to install it as a system app (see above).

    Sorry for that but android does not provide a way to access the mails without breaking your system :-(

    I will try to build a support for third party mail apps (Touchdown, K9). They are using their own storage, so running as system app should not be required.

  5. Applications by in the Android Market Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] Website [...]

  6. Lowfu Says:

    Installed widget on Galaxy S home page and all appears to work well with Exchange e-mail. However, I do not get updates to the widget inbox for e-mails I modify using the widget (for example if I read an e-mail or delete an e-mail via the widget) unless I go back into and out of the Email Widget settings…then when I go back to my home page the e-mail list is updated showing my read items and removing the deleted items.

    How can this be corrected so the widget automatically stays refreshed with my changes?

    Thanks – Lowfu

  7. lowfu Says:,

    Per my posting last night about updates to widget. I was mistaken. The updates ARE applying….just seems to take a few minutes (which is OK). Nice application…will leave positive feedback at marketplace. Only one I have found that will work with Exchange via native Andriod mail. Look forward to future enhancements and updates. A nice addition would be the option to show UNREAD e-mail only (this is how this function works on the Blackberry) so the widget would filter and only show unread items. Thanks again & nice work. – Lowfu.

  8. Says:

    Hi Lowfu,

    thanks for your feedback, it is highly appreciated! I will add your feature requests soon, this is a nice enhancement. Let me know if there is more i can do.

    I already know about the late widget updates. Till now, i couldn’t find a fix for it. What i experienced is that each time the mailbox gets synced, the widget gets updated. So the more often you sync the sooner it gets updated.


  9. Stigh Says:

    Hi mate, I’m using droid 2.2 / Galaxy S, just upgraded. Hopefully you can sort out how to access stock mailbox without rooting. Stock email is good enogh for me, just want the widget, but as written above, with only unread emails.
    Only good client found so far is Touchdown; but its terrible slow on Galaxy S, even after moving DB to SD.

  10. James Says:

    Good effort, but I can’t select a mailbox in the settings, which makes the widget useless.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S 9000 with froyo (android 2.2).

    Is there going to be a fix soon or would I have to run the widget as a system app? If this is the case you should announce the fact in the Android Market, please.

    How can I refund the 99 cent if I dont want to root my phone in order to get the widget working?

    Leider kann ich im SGS 9000 mit froyo keine mailbox auswählen. Wird das widget nur als system app meine mails anzeigen können? Das sollten Sie dann aber bitte auch im Android Market klar darlegen! Wie kann ich den Kauf rückabwickeln, wenn ich mein Handy nicht rooten möchte? Bitte ein wenig mehr auf die potentiellen Käufer eingehen und den Käufern klare Anweisungen geben, was zu tun ist, wenn sie rückabwickeln wollen, wenn sie nicht rooten wollen.

  11. Says:

    James, please tell me, do you get a warning when opening the settings of my app, telling you, that android rejects access to your emails? If that is the case, my app will only work as a system app on your phone. Because of the very limited promo text in the market, i cannot go into detail why the app might not work for a specific configuration there.

    Do you have an exchange or googlemail account configured on your mobile?

    If you want to refund the money, please follow the description here:

    If this doesn’t work, send me your order number or name and i will cancel the order for you, so you will get your money back.

  12. John Says:

    I have to agree with James. If this will not work with stock email on 2.2 then you should publish it in the market so people can be aware before purchasing. I would love for the app to work as described but useless in 2.2 without rooting which I won’t do. I’m using Motorola Droid with 2.2.

  13. Says:

    Ok, i changed the teaser text in the market so it should be clearer now.

  14. Derek Says:

    Works on my HTC Aria with K9. Only shows unified inbox, and only shows “Inbox” under “choose mailbox” options. But it does work.

    Doesn’t work with the “Android” option, but that’s probably because HTC’s default mail program is built into Sense. It’s not the default android app.

  15. Says:

    Hey Derek, thanks for your comment. Nice to hear that it works on your device with K9. I’m currently working on support for the HTC buildin Email-App and this will hopefully be released the next few weeks. In contrast to K9 there will be support for all widget-features on HTC (unread, open Mail, open EMail app…).

  16. michael Says:

    Works great on my HTC EVO! Thanks!!

  17. Nacho Says:


    I have a HTC Hero but with a custom ROM (Elelinux Froyo 2.2) based on CyanogenMod 6 but I think that it can be expread to all Froyo ROMs, custom or not

    I follow your instructions to install the app into the system, but I found some problems.

    In the point 8 when I try to mv the apk the system said me
    >mv: can’t rename ‘de.foobarsoft.emailwidget.apk’: No such file or directory

    I realize that the problem is because in Froyo, you can install the apk into the sd card and sometimes there are apk hard to find

    I fix this problem with this steeps
    1- Go to the android options
    2- Select Applications
    3- Select Application Manager
    4- Select SD card tab
    5- Find and select “EMail Widget”
    6- Select “Move to the phone”

    Now I can find it in the right directory.
    I have the widget working.
    Best regards

  18. Uli Says:

    Hi. I have HTC Desire with Froyo and your app says:

    “Attention! It seems that the stock android email app is not installed …”

    What’s wrong? Normal HTC sense widget is working, but it’s only 4×4 so I purchased your app, but it’s not working.


  19. Uli Says:

    Aha … you have to select HTC option.


  20. Radimus Says:

    I got it to work (froyo 2.2, Dell Streak)

    From READING the directions on this page, I read where the *.apk had to be moved from /data/app to /system/app

    I used Root Explorer to do the heavy lifting and it worked perfectly (after reboot)

    For 2 exchange accts.

    Suggestion: Allow the title bar to be renamed and recolored. As I have 2 of the widgets on my screen, both going to different Exchange Inboxes, both are blue and both say Inbox. It would be nice to have it say “Work Inbox” and “Personal Inbox”

  21. Says:


    thanks for your suggestion. This is already on the list of planned features and i will definetly work on this for one of the future releases.

  22. Sinus Says:

    Before I buy your app: Does it support multiple Gmail accounts? And if I click a Gmail e-mail, will your open the correct mailbox folder for the account?

  23. Says:

    Hi Sinus,

    i didn’t test it for multiple gmail accounts but it should work. Unfortunately the Gmail app doesn’t support opening emails or accounts directly, only starting the app is supported. You can try the app and if you don’t like it you can easily get your money refunded by just uninstalling it during the first 24 hours 15 minutes (see comment above).


  24. Terry Says:

    App works good on a Galaxy S Vibrant. Could be a bit better though. A unified inbox with colour coding (each account has different coloured emails or icon) would make the app perfect for me.

    Having multiple 4×1 widgets is an acceptable solution for now though. JKeep up the good work.

  25. Rob Says:

    The only reason I’m sticking with a Sense rom is the Email widget it includes.
    Your Email widget makes it possible for me to use a different launcher (like launcher pro), but unfortunately I don’t really like the looks of it…
    What I’m looking for is something like the HTC Email widget, but available for launcher pro….
    With skinning possibilities this widget might be just that! :o )

  26. Says:

    Hi Rob,

    you’re right, the design options are very limited right now. I’m working hard on the skinning feature but it is really a nightmare to implement, because android has no support or best practice for it. Hope to get a first version with limited skinning out in mid december.


  27. [HTC Hero] Rooten & Custom ROM's Deel 2 - Android - GoT Says:

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  28. Nathan Says:

    This app works well for what I need. I’m having a problem with 2 Gmail accounts I have. They are both setup under the Gmail part of the OS, not under email. One account is for company email and the other is for personal email. I added 2 instances of the widget to different screens. I set one to check work, one to check personal. When I click on the widget, both are linked to the same account. While I’m viewing email, I can change it to the other. The next time I bring up email through the widget, I see the last gmail account I was in, no matter which instance of the widget I click on. Running OS 2.1 on a Galaxy S (Mesmerize) on US Cellular. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  29. Says:

    Hi Nathan,
    unfortuanely Gmail only supports to get opened by starting the app. So i think it restores the last viewed account when it’s started. I cannot do anything from email widget side to change it. Sorry :-(

  30. Ben Says:

    Running 2.1 on a rooted Nook Color. The widget is installed to /system/app/. Whenever I try to add the widget to Launcher Pro, I can select the settings, but the widget never actually shows up. :(

  31. Says:

    Hi ben, could you please activate logging in global preferences and send me the logfile please?

  32. Says:

    just to let others know: on nook color please use the back button at the bottom not on top to add the widget.

  33. Alex Says:

    Running on a Archos 101 running 2.2 Froyo and working almost perfectly (using Gmail rather than the built-in email).

    It would be nice if clicking on the email would open the email directy rather than the Gmail app inbox folder.

    I do see a bug though. For some reason I have 3 emails showing as unread with this widget but I see nothing when going directly onto Gmail. I can trace it back to the threads and go to every single email in the thread to ensure they are all read but still no luck. All those emails should “unknown” as source email address, maybe that will help identifying the cause.

    Thanks !

  34. Says:

    Hi Alex,

    unfortunately Gmail doesn’t support opening mails directly. I can only open the Gmail app from my widget. Regarding the bug: would you mind to send me a logfile? You can activate logging by starting my app / global preferences from the app drawer and enable the logging option. After that please refresh the widget with the refresh button (or automatic refresh), go back to the global prefs and use the option “Email (Send mail to developer)”. You will be asked if you want to attach the logfile. Answer with “Yes” and send the email. Thanks in advance!


  35. David DAmore Says:

    Please help with install. I followed everything and TE cannot find the apk. I have searched everywhere for the apk. Any help or a refund please?

  36. C. Vogt Says:

    the widget worked well on my SGS i9000 under Froyo (2.2)
    using the guide with root/better terminal.

    Now I updated to 2.2.1 and tried to follow the installation notes again,
    but the directory names seem to have changed.
    Could you please make a new tutorial to get your app working
    under 2.2.1 (with root-access and better terminal)?

  37. Laurens Says:

    Hi, is this support to work for Exchange mailbox on a HTC Desire Z without rooting? Im running 2.2.1 but it’s giving me the cannot access notice when I choose HTC Mail provider.

  38. Says:

    Hi Laurens,
    is the 2.2.1 a very recent rom?

    Maybe HTC changed the permissions on the new rom versions. If you see this message it is not working out of the box. Please get in contact with me, if you want to refund.


  39. Laurens Says:

    I already returned the app and got a refund, but can this be fixed for 2.2.1? I think it’s pretty recent and an update to 2.2. Send me a message on Twitter (Laur3ns) if you need more info.

  40. EMail Widget - Android app from | Appolicious ™ Android App Directory Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] ~US$1.32 Download this app ▶ ▼ Confused?Learn how your phone can download the app from this image [...]

  41. Vylle Says:

    Hey, just want 2 start off by saying thanks for making this app

    i had just installed it i had to follow the steps above because it told me that my phone has blocked it from opening the mail. i have a CM6 rom on my phone so i moved it from phone to SD then back and restarted the phone

    the message still pops up that it is blocked – what can i do?

  42. Zshazlez Says:

    Hi, I’ve been checking out your email widget and I see that the number one new feature (currently) in the poll is a 1×1 widget with a new mail count. I don’t know how helpful it would be but Sopht’s MailWidget could get the number of unread emails from K-9. As of yesterday, he posted in K-9′s open issue for a 1×1 widget saying he could no longer develop his code and was releasing it for others to use. It may be of help for you since some code is already written. You can find the link to the post here:

    And the source code is here:

    Keep up the good work!

  43. Ron Says:


    i love your app, but i am experiencing a strange problem.
    I am ruuning the widget on sgs on darky’s rom v8 and froyo.
    The widget is able to connect to my exchange account, through the stock email app.
    The only peoblem is that emails are only shown under launcherpro.
    In twlauncher and laumcher, the frame is empty and only the header works.

    Any ideas?


  44. Says:

    Hey Zshazlez,
    thanks for your great proposal! I will have a look the code, it will definetly help me.


  45. Zshazlez Says:

    Well, I hope it works for ya. The next closest thing I’ve found, which is not a 1×1 unread email widget, is the mail icon in Executive Assistant, but I do not like how it’s setup cause it gives a count of every email, not just new ones. It’s kind of clunky too. Also, I am very hopeful that you’ll implement skinning with this widget as well so we can give it a few different looks. So, I hope it works cause you seem to be the best hope at getting the one widget I’ve been looking for for months.

  46. Says:

    Hi Ron,
    please make sure that you don’t have activated scrolling for twlauncher, because it is not supported by this launcher. I tested the widget on a SGS and HTC Desire HD with twlauncher and didn’t ran into any problem.
    If you experience the problem without scrolling beeing activated please get back to me.


  47. Says:

    A user helped me finding out that motorola has it’s own email client (BlurEmail) which is not supported by the widget until now. I am working on this for the next release. Just to let you know.

  48. Says:

    Zshazlez, thanks again for your contribution. 1×1 widget is the next feature to be implemented, so stay tuned.

  49. shramchevsky Says:

    Hi there.

    Amazing widget (actually, the only one free that works with exchange accounts).

    I would suggest to make (at least as an option) each email item with two lines (just like in gmail – subject in the first line and sender’s name in the second one). This would impove readability.


  50. Says:

    Hi shramchevsky,
    i will add your proposual to the feature list.
    Thanks for your suggestion!


  51. shramchevsky Says:

    Oops, sorry – this one is not free, I want to say that this is the only useable email widget with exchange support.

  52. dave Says:

    doesn’t work on rooted droid 2. I did exactly what the directions said to do, still got nothing.

  53. Says:

    Hi Dave,
    some days ago another user gave me the hint that motorola has put a custom email client on their devices. It’s called BlurMail and isn’t compatible with my widget right now. But i’m working on a solution. Hopefully the next release will support it.


  54. Cueball Says:

    Downloaded it, installed it but whatever I do it wont work. Running 2.2.1 sense stock rom on desire HD. Is there a way to get it working ?. Looks briljant from what I have seen sofar !!. Hope you have a answer. Oh btw didnt buy it on marketplace but on androidpit.

  55. xnappo Says:

    Was just about to refund since it does not work with MotoBlur inbox, but I’ll keep it in hopes you get it into the next release! I have been looking for something that can do that for awhile.


  56. Says:

    xnappo, thanks for you for your patience. I already started to implement for BlurMail, but this is not easy for me, because i have no device to test it on. Anyway, i do my best.

  57. Will Says:

    Hi –

    Running Froyo on Dell Streak. Got the widget running. Super Manager worked very well. Any way to increase font size? The text is tiny on my screen. Also, clicking on the email does not open it, although I can see the email font register the key press. Do i have to open the email box to see the email?

  58. Says:

    Hi Will,
    more layout options, i.e. font size, are already on my feature list for one of the next releases. Regarding the other problem: Could you please activate the logging (starting app->global preferences), then click on an email, afterwards disable logging and at last send me the logfile by using the option “Email – send mail to developer” from the global prefs? This might help me to find out more about your problem.


  59. Matt_erOfFact Says:

    Just bought the widget and it looks nice. I am having one small issue you might be able to help with. When I select a message, it will does not open the message… Actually it doesn’t do anything aside from highlighting . It will load the inbox when that option is set, just not the message itself. I believe I have the settings configured correctly. I am running on a rooted HTC Incredible running MIUI with adw launcher checking an exchange account on the stock email app.

    One other suggestion/thought. It would be nice to be able to set the text size. The message are so small, I think when we get it working im going to fat finger a lot.

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Says:

    Hi Matt,
    another user reported nearly the same a few hours ago. Please have a look at .
    I will work on the font-size thing ;)


  61. flyte Says:

    Can you clarify something?

    I have a Desire with a SenseHD ROM installed on it (rooted, of course), but no Sense launcher, (LPP instead). I am using the default HTC Mail app, which works great for Exchange push email support.

    Are you saying that I can use this widget, and it will pull the mail from the HTC Mail app if, and only if, I install this as a system app?

  62. Says:

    Hi Flyte,

    you’re right. On Desire HD you have to install the app as system app. This might not be very easy, because the DHD has a special security feature called s-on. You have to put it to s-off in order to install under /system, even if the device is rooted. I posted a link to xda-developers above, explaining how to remove s-off.

  63. flyte Says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

    One alternative to doing this with s-off is simply booting into recovery mode, mounting /system, and using the user friendly AndroidCommander.

    Does this work for other mail widgets (being pushed over to /system to gain access to the HTC Mail) ?

  64. [Q] Non Sense Email Widget fed by mail from HTC Mail app - xda-developers Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] the mail from the HTC Mail widget by forcing the install of the widget to the /system area. See…comment-page-1 I asked him if this nice side effect would occur for all apps (i.e.: other widgets) to gain access [...]

  65. Says:

    flyte, you’re right. Using recovery mode would also do the trick.
    I don’t know of any other app that is able to access the HTC Mail App. That’s the main reason i build my app.

  66. Augusto Carvalho Says:

    Tried this on a 2.1 SE X10. Doesn’t work at all despite statements to the contrary above.

    Hangs, and once in a while actually manage to get to the settings screen.

    I am using K9, and despite this am getting the “Your device blocks….” message, despite it being stated above that (re K9 and other apps) “They are using their own storage, so running as system app should not be required.”

    Once, after much frustration and a reboot of the phone I was actually able to get the widget on the screen. But no emails appeared. Ever.

    Config is SE X10 with 2.1 Global running ADW+ as home screen. Doesnt work.

    Of course, TRYING to get this to work took longer than 15 minutes, so was unable to get a refund from the market.

    Good effort, but this is still alpha/beta software and people should NOT charge for beta SW. Gives meaning to Apple’s (NOT a fanboy by any means) screening apps *before* they are put on SALE. This is NOT fit for purpose in its current incarnation. Would be great if it were

  67. Says:

    Dear Augusto,

    i’m sorry that you had some problems with my app. Please mind that on large mailboxes there could arise some performance issues, i.e. launcher get’s stuck. You should limit the number of mails then to 30 or 40, for smaller widget sizes also 10-15 makes sense.
    Could you also please try to deactivate scrolling and tell me if there are still performance issues?

    Like the description on the market says i will refund the money to you if you experience problems or don’t get the app to work! So please don’t mind.

  68. Angel Says:


    I hace an HTC HERO on 2.2.1 and cannot make it run. When I try to do it through the file manager process I get an out of storage memory error when I try to copy to the system folder. When I try co copy trough the terminal process I get a Can replicte ownership error.

    Please Help!


  69. Says:

    Hi Angel,
    it seems that your mobile has a special security feature enabled (called s-on), which prevents you from modifying the system volume (see above). You can either try to turn your device to s-off or use the recovery mode and an to put my app there. Unfortunately both alternatives are not easy to achieve, so i can offer you a refund if you want.


  70. Alexw Says:

    I got two things:

    - When will there be an option where the email will be on 2 Or atleast it will be bigger
    - Also i got an bug in android 2.3, you can’t open an specific email from within the widget, when will that be fixed?


  71. Says:

    Hi Alexw,
    thanks for the feedback. More layouting options are already on my list and i hope to get out a release in the next few weeks. On android 2.3 the permissions got a bit more strict so that my app now cannot open a specific email with the mail app. I am working on a preview function to show the mail without the mail app.


  72. Matt_erOfFact Says:

    Just wanted to give you a little more info on my issue. I just switched to Cyanogen, to experiment with a few things, and I am still having the same issue. Can’t open messages, only inbox. Not sure if that is at all helpful, but thought you would like to know.

  73. Matt_erOfFact Says:

    sorry just read the post above… looks like you’re already on it.

  74. ECT Says:

    I installed you email widgit on my Samsung Epic 4G, running Android 2.1. It’s reading my Exchange inbox, connected to the stock Android mail app. It doesn’t seem to refresh itself. New mail does not show automatically and read mail does not dissappear automaticaly. If I press the refresh button manually, both processes work fine. Anything I need to know or do to enable auto refresh?

  75. Karsten Says:


    will it be possible to show mails from lotus traveler inside of the widget?

  76. Says:

    thanks for your comment. Yes i’m already planning to implement a preview which shows the mail without mail app, so this will work on all roms / devices.

  77. Says:

    If you have update issues please activate the periodic auto updates. You can reach this setting by opening my app (not the widget config), activate auto update and set an update interval. I’ve set it to 40 secs on my device and this is working quite good. Hope this helps.

  78. Says:

    Hi Karsten,
    no sorry Lotus Notes Traveler is not supported right now.


  79. ECT Says:

    That solved my update problem. Thanks for the help. App works great now!

  80. Simon Says:

    I purchased your app yesterday. Congratulations, this app will be exactly what I need to make my SGS a business machine.

    1. Not sure what happened but I was editing the details of a widget yesterday and ran into a huge lag (had to restart phone). It’s fine now.
    2. Is it normal that the widget does not refresh automatically?
    3. The refresh button does not do anything
    (for 2 and 3, I received a couple emails during the night, have them in my android app – Exchange email – can’t get them to appear in the widget)

    4: I’d like to see date/time in the widget e.g. 21/06-10:21 – maybe have it optional as it takes some place
    5: Bold font for sender name option
    6: Extra space or delimitation in between sender name and subject
    7: Option for maximum characters for sender name, e.g. in the options we could chose to show only the first X characters of the sender name. You seem to have it by default at 12, I could do with 6-7: more space for a date field and subject.
    8: Scrollable on default UI

    Korean SGS, Chinese ROM, rooted and installed as system app, Exchange and Gmail email, simple dark theme

  81. Simon Says:

    BTW re the update issue, I did tick the auto refresh box in the app menu, does not help.

  82. Says:

    Hi Simon,
    thanks for your very detailed feedback, i appreciate this a lot!

    1) I have already worked on the lagging issue and the next release has some big changes for it. Some other users have reported this, too, and i tested with them the new version with success.
    2/3) The update issue can have many reasons. Please check if you have a large mailbox and maybe limit the number of mails to 10 or 20. If this isn’t the case please send me a logfile by doing so:
    - activate logging in global preferences by starting my app (not a widget)
    - add a widget to your homescreen with the desired configuration
    - do some changes in the mailbox, i.e. setting mails to read/unread
    - push the refresh button of the widget at least two times
    - go back to the global prefs, deactivate logging and hit the “email – send mail to developer”. you will be asked to attach the logfile.
    4) one of the next version will have some new layouts and one containing the sender (maybe as a picture from your contacts) and the date/time.
    5/6/7) added to the list of planned features
    8 ) already on the list of planned features, you can vote for them above

  83. Says:

    Just found out that RoadSync cannot be supported. I succeeded to access the mail folders but failed to access the messages. It doesn’t expose its messages to third party apps :-(

  84. Simon Says:

    Hi Frank, thanks for the detailed answer. Its working like a charm now. I limited the no of emails to 15, did the trick.
    One other request: Support for gmail labels?

  85. Says:

    took it to the feature list. please vote for it…

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  87. Email Widget - Android Market Says:

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  88. Niels Says:

    Great app, works on galaxy S on froyo and K9. I have one problem still. All my email from K9 (exchange) remains unread, no matter how often I read them. Any ideas?

    Other than that, great job…

  89. Dil Says:

    Patiently waiting for Moto BlurMail…any update? thanks

  90. Says:

    Hi Niels,

    thanks for your comment.
    Unfortunately K9 doesn’t support publishing the mail status to third party apps right now. I already filed an issue for this on the K9 project site:

    Please leave a comment and star the issue there. This hopefully raises the chances to get this implemented.


  91. Says:

    with the recent version (5.2) i added support for Moto BlueMail. Please have a try. This will work only with root and as system app though.


  92. Niels Says:


    thanks for your quick reply. I followed your steps on making it a system app, and now it works fine. I prefer the K9 interface though, but for now it suits me just fine.


  93. Christian Zöhrer Says:


    Ich habe mir die Tage das FroydVillain ROM ( ) auf mein HTC Hero
    draufgespielt und da ging mir eben so ein Email Widget
    für den homescreen ab.

    Habe auf meine Emails aber kein zugriff (kein Gmail)
    Habe beide varianten probiert wegen der meldung; nix
    das K9 bekam ich auch nicht zum laufen.

    Empfehlung einer Anderen ROM oder nch paar hinweise?
    Skype: Setoye98

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] [...]

  95. Gadget für den E-Mail-Junkie - dialogue1 E-Mail-Marketing Blog Tipps, Ideen und Fallbeispiele Says:

    [...] ist die App allerdings nur für Android. Weitere Infos und Systemvoraussetzungen finden Sie hier. Geschrieben von Frank Rix in Mobile Marketing um 18:50 | Kommentare (0) | Trackbacks (0) [...]

  96. ECT Says:,

    This app is very useful, and from I can tell, one of a kind. However I’ve had to uninstall. The auto update process (refreshing the widget with new emails) consumes so much CPU on my Samsung Epic 4g (andriod 2.1, 1ghz proc) that it drags everything else to a halt. It even makes my media players skip. Why the need for such a memory sap? Also, the alternate skin I selected would default back to the blue and white default skin every time I restart the phone. Very annoying. Would love to reinstall this app, but it needs improvements or order to be usable. Please keep us posted if a subsequent release fixes these problems.

  97. Says:

    Hi Ect,

    Did you experience the performance issues before or after the update to version 5.2? I changed the update mechanism completly, so in most cases the auto update is not needed any longer. Also i fixed a few performance issues which might occur on the last releases 5.0 or 5.1.

    If you’re already on 5.2 then please check size of your mailbox. If it contains a large number of mails this might still slow down your phone because it will query all these mails when refreshing. You can limit the number of mails in the widget preferences.

    Regaring the changing skin: This is a really strange behaviour and i had no other complaints about this. Please check the following.
    With a file browser go to the following directory:

    if this doesn’t exist, please create it manually.

    the directory should contain the following subdirs:

    - cache
    - databases
    - files
    - lib
    - shared_prefs

    Especially the last one is importand. If this doesn’t exist, please create it, too. Then try to add a widget and do your desired configuration. Then please go back to the file browser and check for the contents of the directory (/data/data/de.foobarsoft.emailwidget/shared_prefs/)

    This should now contain a widget configuration file called EMAILWIDGET_PREFS_X.xml where X is the number of the widget.

    Please tell me, if the recommendations above solve your problems.

  98. rmc Says:

    I can confirm that, like the HTC Desire HD, Email Widget only works on HTC Desire Z after rooting it. The two devices are very similar in software. After rooting and following the instructions on this page the widget works normally. Which I’m very happy about because it’s the perfect widget for my needs.

    I hope Android will fix this problem some time, so legitimate apps like Email Widget can access your inbox without having to resort to hacks like rooting.

    Instructions for permarooting the Desire Z are available online in the usual places.

  99. betaboy00 Says:

    Hey Frank,

    I bought your app and tried to setup the unread widget with my SGS i9000m stock email client. I can’t seem to see my hotmail inbox when I tried to setup.
    The mailbox selection is blank.

    I bought this app for my hotmail account but I can’t get it to work. Since I can’t get this to work, I’ve cancelled my order within 15 mins.

    Does your app support it? if yes, I will buy your app again and can you please let me know what went wrong with my setup?


  100. Says:

    Hi betaboy00,

    thanks for contacting me. Are you getting any error when adding a widget
    and opening its preference dialogue?

    If you are using android 2.2 on your sgs you have to use root and install
    my app as system app to get access to your folders. There is a discription
    on how to do this on my website.


  101. betaboy00 Says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your fast response.

    Yes I have android 2.2 and root access, and I’ve followed your instruction and move the app to /system/app.
    I’m going through the setup for the unread mail widget on my home screen.

    I select ‘Android’ mail client, but there are no mailbox for me to select.
    - I have my hotmail configured.

    When I select ‘Gmail’ mail client, I can see my gmail mailbox for selection.


  102. kbanes Says:

    I am brand new to Android, and I have had my Motorola Atrix for just under a week now. I thought that the general user community disgust with MotoBlur was exagerated, but sadly, I was wrong.

    I have your widget installed and it is configured as a system app per your instructions. I have 2 screens set up for my 2 primary inboxes. All of this appears to be working as expected, even if it is way more complicated than it should be (what was Motorola thinking?)

    Her is my one weird problem. As you know, the Atrix come with a fingerprint reader to unlock the phone. I really like it, and it has been working flawlessly since I got the device. But the second that I set your widget up as a system app, the figerprint scanner quit working. I can still get in using the pin code, but the scanner refuses to read my finger.

    It is hard for me to imagine how these two things can be interrelated, but they are.

    If you have any idea what might be happening, please let me know. I want to keep your widget active, but I want my figerprint reader more.

    Thanks for your help, and thanks for a great widget.

    Kevin Banes

  103. Says:

    For other users: kbanes resolved the issue with a factory reset. It seems that the widget wasn’t the reason for this behaviour. The user is keeping me up to date and i will add a not when we found out about the problem.

  104. Menting311 Says:

    I have an email widget set up and have it set to open email when selected for the”open action”. I assume this is supposed to actually open the body of the message…it doesn’t do anything at all. I am running the Liberty rom but I think it was doing the same thing on Apex rom. I am using a Droid X.

  105. E-Mail Betreff in Statuszeile - Says:

    [...] Zitat von Figooo Ich benutze den Pure Messenger … Dann sach das doch direkt … Alternativ: HTC hat eins, mit Root (will Multisaft7 nicht) auch das hier: foobarblog 2.0 Android App: Email Widget [...]

  106. Says:

    Dear Customer,

    thanks for your contacting me. The issue you described is a known “bug”. On some devices the android permission systems prevents my app from opening the android email app and displaying a single mail. I’m currently working on this by providing a custom viewer that is integrated in my app. This will be implemented in the next release.


  107. Tom Says:


    triggered by the Android-Hilfe Threat I bought Email Widget this morning (V5.2). Actually, I don’t understand, when the widget is updated.

    Provider is GMail, Mailbox=INBOX. I send a test my to my own account, GMail get the Mail and my HTC Magic shows a Mail Icon in the Status Bar. Sometimes the mails are immediately updated in the widget, sometimes it takes pretty long )if ever, I was never patient enough).

    Same if I delete Mails im the browser on my PC. The HTC Magic recognizes that that mails are deleted (Icon in status bar disappears) but Email WIdget still shows New Mails (I waited for about 15Min).

    3 more questions:

    1) About 1/3 of the 4×1 Widget is wasted by the “INBOX (0 new) ” Statusline. Is there a chance to increase the space for the important info (the mail Headers)?

    2) I assume, the widget will not automatically update via the market, since it’s stored in the /system, right?

    3) In Provider, I can select ‘Android’. What is this?

    Thanks a lot


  108. Says:

    Hi Tom,
    if you experience any update problems you can try the auto update feature. You can find it by opening the app (it’s not in the widget config). Regarding the other questions:
    1) Currently not, but i will work on different layouts / designs for one of the upcoming releases
    2) If you installed the app under /system/app you have to move it back to /data/app before updating, but it should be possible then. After the update you have to move the app back to /system/app.
    3) Provider=Android should be used to get mails from the android stock mail client. This is pre-installed on many custom roms and also on some devices (i.e. samsung). Some manufacturers have made their own mail app (htc, motorola), so you should use the specific provider for them.


  109. SunnySepp Says:

    I’ve installed Email Widget and tried to start it. I got the message you discribed above belonging Root Access.

    Now I’ve the issue that Super Manager could not set Root access at my Phone.

    What are the next steps? How could I get root access?


  110. lairdb Says:

    Any recent word on whether this works with the Motorola BlurEmail client? Rooting is OK, but it has to work with BlurEmail — that’s the only decent client I’ve found that comes close to properly handling invites.

  111. Says:

    Hi lairdb,

    thanks for your comment. My app supports blurmail, but until now there is a small bug in the implementation. The mail status of the displayed mails is inverted, so unread mails are displayed as read und vice versa.
    A fix for this will be out soon.


  112. Marco Says:

    Hi Frank,

    I bought your app yesterday. Running Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.2, rooted. After following the steps to the system folder, the widget worked (source: exchange). I was able to open single mails.

    However, after rebooting my device once, opening single emails didn’t work anymore. Is this the known bug you described a few times above? Or is this a different issue?

    And another bug I noticed: After rebooting again, the widget didn’t load at all anymore (it just kept “loading”). Had to delete it and add it again.


  113. Stoffe Says:


    Great job on the mail widget!

    Would it be possible to add Maildroid compability? This is the best email application, according to me.

  114. Says:

    Hi Stoffe,
    unfortunately Maildroid doesn’t expose it’s content to third party apps. So until now i don’t have a chance to access the mails.


  115. Augusto Carvalho Says:

    Hi – just upgraded to emailwidget 5.2

    Interface seems to be running fine EXCEPT I get *no* email notifications whatsoever.

    I am on a rooted SonyEricsson X10 with stock SE 2.1 ROM. My mail app is K9, and this IS set as mail provider in emailwidget.

    I can tweak parameters all I like, but no joy. I am getting the “Your device blocks access to emails and mail folders” (always have…) although the table above says the widget is ok on the X10. however, I thought this only applied to the Android email provider and not to K9.



  116. Augusto Carvalho Says:

    Managed to get things working again, BUT having to install the widget as a system app. Grateful if you could update the compatibility table for the Sony Ericsson X10 as it does seem to require the app being installed as a system app.

    Is there any way to select mailboxes other than “INBOX” for the K9 provider?

    Improvement suggestions: Being able to go to directly to the message in question, instead of the app home screen for K9 with emailwidget. Is this a K9/system limitation (even on rooted/system installs?)



  117. Says:

    Hi Augusto,
    actually K9 should work without rooting. But you have to choose the K9 provider from the widget settings. As i wrote above K9 has some drawbacks:
    - It does not expose email status (read/unread)
    - It does not support opening mails, only opening the app.
    - It only allows accessing unified inbox

    I filed an issue on the K9 project and hopefully it is getting fixed soon:
    Please vote for it and leave a comment, because this might help to push the feature up in the feature list.

  118. Kristian Raue Says:

    Please provide working instructions on how to install on dell streak with 2.2 Android. Both options provided on top of this page do not work anymore. Thank you!

  119. Mike D. Says:

    Some of the widgets do not work on my Motorola Android 2 Global. I can get the 1×1 and the 4×1 to work but none of the others. I just see the background but no email text for the others. I really wanted to set up a 2×2 or 4×2.

  120. radicke Says:

    I have a Samsung Nexus S (and I am totally new to Android, so please forgive my lack of knowledge). Just bought your widget…

    - Is it possible that I cannot go directly to the Email message, but I only jump to the Inbox?
    - Also, when installing the widget, I get all kinds of alerts
    (divice blocks access, stock android app is not installed (?). Does this cause problems for the widget?

  121. Says:

    Hi Mike,
    please try to limit the number of mails shown in the widgets. If your mailbox contains a large number of mails they might not be shown. If the problem persists, please send me logfile:
    - Remove all email widgets
    - Open my app from the app drawer
    - Activate Logging
    - Add a 4×2 or 2×2 widget and do the configuration you like
    - If the mails are not shown go back to my app, deactivate logging and send me the logfile by using the option “Email – Send mail to developer”. You will be asked to attach the logfile.

    With this i’m able to do a deeper analysis of your problem.

  122. Says:

    Hi Radicke,

    Opening the mail directly is only supported for android standard, htc and motorolla mail client. GMail and K9 don’t support opening the mails directly. For K9 i already filed an issue for it here:

    The error you see indicate that your phone does not allow access to mails of the core android mail client. Unfortunately this is the default behaviour of android devices and can only be adressed by rooting the phone and installing the app as system app.


  123. Radimus Says:

    I request that your app be able to access another email app:

    The developer based the app off the stock mail app, but has apparently made some changes (at least a different name/location for the db)

    Hopefully this functionality would benefit both of you in sales (and me via a desired feature I want) :D

  124. Niels Says:


    thanks for the great app, I experience one problem though.
    My inbox (ms exchange) will not sync or fetch new emails once I select the specific folder in the widget. Once I select a different folder in the widget (e.g. sent items), new emails arrive immediately in my inbox. Everything else works fine (showing/selecting/reading already downloaded emails). I am doing something wrong?

    thanks a lot for any ideas,

    ps. I’m using a samsung galaxy s, rooted, custom darkyrom 9.5+dark core 1.0 kernel. I also made your app a system app.

  125. Says:

    Hi Radimus,

    i’m already working on support for enhanced email. Will hopefully be available in one of the next releases.


  126. Says:

    Hi Niels,

    strange behavoiur. No other user reported such an issue and i tested the app on my own samsung galaxy s successfully. I suppose it is an issue of the ROM. Unfortunately i didn’t test my app on this ROM.
    But one question: Does it sync the folder if you explicitly request a sync from the mail app?


  127. Niels Says:

    Hi Frank,
    it didn’t work with explicit requests either, in the first place, but after a few reboots (where the widget wouldn’t load, had to remove it and reload it again) things started working, first explicit requests, then auto sync and now also the loading at start-up.
    It must be a rom issue. Glad it works now, anyway,

    Thanks again,

  128. [ROM]JBoogie3 LiquidArc (3/21/2011) - Page 4 Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] know if it will help, but I'm using 'EMail Widget' from here foobarblog 2.0 It's not the most exciting, but it does seem to work if you follow all the advice for installing on [...]

  129. Stevo Says:


    Trying to follow option 1 to install but having problems with Super Manager. Phone won’t find it in Market Pace but I can find it on the website from my PC. Says ‘device not compatible’ when trying to install over usb. Running android 2.2. Any ideas?



  130. Prakash P Says:

    Have been searching for such a Widget. A good one. Just an enhancement requests from my side

    1. If there are no New mails to display can the widget display “No new mails” or something instead of Blank.

  131. Says:


    thanks for your comment. I’m sorry, but i didn’t quite get your issue. In case there are no new mails the widget displays “(0 new)”. This does not work for K9 though, because the app doesn’t support accessing the email status (see above).


  132. Sonic Says:


    i have an xperi aarc and for some reason the witged does not display messages… even though K9 has mails in the inbox…

  133. Prakash P Says:


    I am using Android Native Corporate Mail client with “Display only New messages” option. When there are no new mails I see “0 Mails” on the header instead if it can display couple of words “No New Mail” centered in the widget with increased font size similar to how GO SMS widget displays when there are no new SMS, that will add to aesthetics and also easy to ready when there is no new mails to read for me.

    Thanks & Regards


  134. Says:


    did you activate scrolling for the widget? Then you have to use a launcher app that supports scrolling. The default launcher of the xperia doesn’t support scrolling. Please try to deactivate.
    You can also try to limit the number of emails shown in the widget. If your mailbox contains a large amount of mails this is mandatory.
    And of course you have to choose K9 as email provider in the widget, but i think you did this already.


  135. Says:


    ok now i got what you want. If there are no new mails the body should only show a message in big letters, saying “no new mail”. I will add this to the feature list.

  136. Pearly King Says:

    I have a rooted tablet and installed the widget as a system app. Everything seems OK except that I cannot select and display an individual email. it just flashes but does not display the email.
    if I change the option to open the inbox when the email is selected that is OK.

    I am running the standard. Android client connected to a corporate Exchange system.

  137. Pearly King Says:

    I installed your widget, as a system app, on my my rooted tablet I am using the native Android email client connected to a corporate exchange email system.

    When I click on an email it will not open. It flashes but nothing happens.
    If I change the option so that the inbox opens then that works OK, but I cannot open an individual email directly from the widget.

  138. Says:


    you came across a known bug. On some devices android blocks opening the emails from the widget. I will add a custom viewer in the next release, so that you can use it to view mails directly from the widget.

  139. Prakash P Says:

    Thanks Frank. I also have similar issue as Pearly King after I upgraded to Phantom King (rev3b) ROM. Will wait for your customer viewer option.

    Thanks in Advance.

  140. Niels Says:

    In contrast to all the problems being reported here, I just want to confirm that your widget works perfectly on a galaxy S @ gingerbread (rooted and as a system app)

  141. Ian Says:

    Frank, just installed the widget and put a new skin, and it works great. However, I’m having the same issue with the single email viewer as the folks above. When is the new release slated for distribution? Also, will the new release include a “Preview” in the widget? thanks Frank, was looking everywhere for this widget!

  142. Says:


    i can’t really say when i’m able to finish the custom viewer but i think it will be sometime in the next few weeks. I will shoot out a twitter message so if you like you can follow me and get informed as soon as it will be released.


  143. Nik Gare Says:

    Android market won’t even let me buy and download this widget in the 15 minutes trail period window. Therefore due to deficiencies in the Market, I am unable to buy your software.

  144. Says:

    thanks for your message. If you experience any problems with android market you can also get my app at androidpit.

    If this also doesn’t work, please let me know.


  145. AdSoz Says:


    I have a rooted Desire but when trying to copy your app to system/app mv reports ‘cant create….. Out of memory’ (adb via cmd in windows)

    I’m not s-off – can you let me know how to turn the apk into a zip file for Recovery install?


  146. AdSoz Says:

    Found it….

  147. MrryMsscre Says:

    Hey If your having the cut/pase issue u´ll prolly need to S-Off your Desire ( As mentioned above ) Just follow this guide, super easy and n00b friendly!

    Worked like a charm, 1st try.

    Cheers for the Tut!

  148. Android und iPhone Apps - WHQ Forum Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] foobarblog Email Widget ——————– FACT: Women love diamonds for their wide range of industrial applications. [...]

  149. Steven Says:

    I really like this app and I’m determined to get it to work on my Evo!

    My problem has been the lack of support for automatically updating Inbox subfolders with the stock email app. Without that feature, I have to manually go and refresh the folders before their email will show up in the widgets.

    As a workaround, I tried installing the email.apk for the Nexus One on my phone, and it worked great! My folders were finally getting updated automatically.

    However, when it came to linking the Email Widget to the program (installing the app as a system app), everything worked fine EXCEPT for the ability to open email straight from the widget. Even though my settings were set to open emails from the widget, it would just highlight the email entry on the widget without actually opening it.

    So I’m continuing my search to find a way to get this working the way I want. I’ve downloaded Improved Email and it appears to be working great, but sadly Email Widget doesn’t recognize it. Any chance we could see Improved Email working with this app soon?

  150. Says:


    don’t know about the problems with the evo. Maybe you can try to activate auto update in my app, but this will only refresh the data stored on your phone. If the mail app doesn’t poll for new mails this won’t help.
    The other problem with standard android email client is already known and a bugfix will be out for the next version.
    Improved Email isn’t supported right now. I tried to get in contact with the developer but he didn’t respond.


  151. Ian Says:

    Frank, I’ve been using the widget for a few weeks now and the major bug I am having is the non-reload upon re-boot that Marco mentioned in the Post on March 17th above. Reboot=delete widget, re-add and reconfigure customizations.

    This and the open single email mentioned by previous users and my request for a “preview” in the widget. Thanks in advance Frank!

  152. Says:


    thanks again for your comment. I had some conversation with the other user, Marco, via mail and he said that the reload issue wasn’t reproducable. We also found out that the launcher he was using (Go Launcher) had a bug in the version he was using, so you might try out another custom launcher. Also please try to set a limit of mails shown in the widget to i.e. 15 or 20. On large mailboxes there might be some performance issues with my widget, because all mails are queried from the mail database. Maybe this prevents the widget from reloading.

    If this doesn’t help, please get back to me via email and we can do a some more investigation of your problem.


  153. ppokey Says:

    Is ther any way to skin the 1×1 Widget to look more like an app shortcut – just an icon, with a counter in the corner?

  154. Says:

    Hi John,
    thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the feature your are looking for is not currently implemented in my app, but it is on the list of planned features (“Support for icons with unread count as bubble like SMS Unread Count”).


  155. ppokey Says:


    Thanks. Are you aware that on QVGA screen (e.g HTC Wildfire) the 1×1 Widget is actually about 50% too tall, so it gets truncated half way down the counter.

  156. rmc Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the widget works on Honeycomb tablets (Acer A500), but only when rooted as with most modern android phones. The installation procedure on this page works exactly like on my 2.2 HTC phone.

    But there is one small thing that doesn’t work: tapping the widget to open the inbox or message does nothing. Maybe the activity has a different name in 3.0 or something. Could you look into supporting that?

    Other than that, the widget works very well on my shiny new tablet :-) . The default email widget that comes with the tablet does not support showing two widgets with different inboxes, but your widget has no problems with that.

  157. Says:

    thanks for your report. The problem with the emails not opening is due to android locking out third party apps to the email intends. I don’t know why google decided to do so but it makes no sense to me, because there should be no security impact or so. I’m already aware of this situation and will add a workaround in the next release where you can choose to show emails in a custom viewer provided by my app. I will shoot out a twitter message as soon as the new release gets out so you can follow me on @invalidobject_


  158. Kenny Says:

    I am using the app with my gmail account on my HTC Thunderbolt, running Android 2.2.1 (latest official update from Verizon, last 5/13). It was was working great until last night (before and after update–though I just got the phone and installed a week ago), but now, most of the time when I click the widget, nothing happens. I removed and replaced the widget, but it is not working better. Before, it would open up the gmail client every time I clicked, as expected. Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks so much.

  159. Tony Says:

    Purchased but rather dissapointed. Need buttons for delete, mark as read, or just anything when you open up the “internal viewer” since opening up the email doesn’t work anymore(why not just remove this option until its functional?) Also, why no html support in the internal viewer? Is this going to be in future releases? I like the fact that its specific to email, since it is called email widget, so I think you should stick with email only so we can make the most of this app for what it is supposed to be used for (noting the vote about facebook support). Have you also looked into a possibly quick reply box?

  160. Says:

    thanks for your comment. Please let there be room for improvement ;) I am already aware that the current internal viewer is only a starting point and i will definitely work on the features you described. The “email open action” does work on some devices, but not on all so i don’t want to remove this feature. Regarding HTML support: This seems to be a bug for the android email client. I will provide a bugfix for this soon.
    I would love to get more info about the quick reply box from you.


  161. Tony Says:,
    I don’t know if you have ever heard of an app called SMS Popup, but it simply takes the incoming sms and delivers it in a fancy pop up window so you don’t have to open your messaging app. In this little window there gives an option for close(which marks the message as read), delete, and reply. After going through the settings you’ll find an option for quick reply, which uses an “internal viewer” of sorts and simply opens a text box so you may quick reply directly to the person without needing to go to the thread or messaging app. Also, have you looked into “Pure Messenger Widget”? It is basically your app just bloated with options and a little resource hungry, which is why I looked into your very simplistic app(please keep it this way lol). Pure has a LOT of good options but they are more focused on general social gathering of information rather than just email. Maybe you could get a few ideas from there as well.

  162. Says:

    this might be because of a bug in the handling of gmail accounts. On some devices there were some permanent refreshs of the widget so the touch events might be absorbed. Just fixed this bug. Please update and tell me if it fixes your problem, too.


  163. Says:

    thanks for your suggestion for improvement. I didn’t know SMS Popup so far but there are some nice features which i also could adapt to my app. Actually i want to improve the internal viewer to get some more features like marking mails unread/read, replying or deleting mails. Unfortunately this is very specific to devices or email apps so this is no easy task to achieve. Pure Messenger was in some aspects a reference for my app but i want to keep focused on mails and supporting mail apps. If there is anything that pure has which you would like my app to support as well, just let me know.


  164. Simon Says:

    Hey Frank. Have an issue. Widget working perfectly for the past 3 months, but after I updated to v5.3 three days ago, the widget been using 20-25% CPU permanently, draining my battery in 3-4 hours compared to full day before. Had to downgrade and lost my settings. I’m on SGS with Froyo.

  165. Says:


    i pushed out a release yesterday which fixes your issue. Please update via market and everything should be fine ;)


  166. Simon Says:

    Thanks Frank. Will thry new one.
    I forgot before my last post I had a resent titanium backup from 5.2 with settings and all, so I can revert to that.
    Still love your widget, probably the single most used app/widget on my phone.

  167. Kenny Says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks so much for addressing my problem so quickly! I installed the update last night and, so far, it is working. If any issues come up again, I will let you know.

  168. Tony Says:

    From what you said earlier is on point about the read/unread, delete, etc. buttons that should be implemented into this app…the only other options that I think you should look into are: 1) Pure’s message preview instead of just the header text in the widget. 2) The ability for prev/next options in the internal viewer. 3) When hitting refresh it should have the ability to set wether to refresh just the widget or to resync with your mailbox (similar to Pure’s refresh button).

    If I can think of anything else I’ll let ya know, keep up the good work on this increasingly great app!!

  169. Says:

    thanks for the great proposuals. The first one was already on my feature list and it is the top rated feature so far, so this will be implemented for the next major release. I added your other feature requests to my feature list above.


  170. mike Says:

    Will it be supported enhanced e-mail ?
    it is very good app , but they have no good widget .
    it’ll be nice to support this .

  171. Says:


    thanks for your comment. I would really like to support enhanced email but this client doesn’t expose its content to third party apps. So currently there is nothing i can do to support it.


  172. ppokey Says:

    Just switched to ADW Launcher & I notice that on GMail accounts with “unread only” no mails are shown if “Scrolling Widget” is chosen – only the unread count appears; turn off scrolling & the unread headers are shown.

  173. Feeling old Says:


    I have just purchased a samsung galaxy and (to the best of my ability) have read through and implemented the above.

    1/ when I go into super manager and settings and tick on enable root function it comes up with
    The ROOT function in this program isnot support you devise or system image. and i can only click on ok

    2/ When i downloaded oneclicklagfix it says that all the things are unavailable

    Can anyone let me know what i am doing wrong


  174. Feeling old Says:

    Oh by the way I dont want gmail I want it for my work emails


  175. Says:

    On newer roms the oneclicklagfix doesn’t work any longer. Please have a look at the xda-forums. Maybe this helps:

  176. AlexB Says:

    I really like your widget, but before going for the new feature you mentioned, I would really love to see two basic features -or am I to dumb to find them.
    1. button to create a new mail
    2. click on header opens inbox, click on mail opens mail

  177. Tim Says:

    I like the look of your widget. I have a ASUS Transformer tablet and assume I need root for your app. Not looking for a refund, think you guys work hard enough for little to no money, but any help is appreciated.

  178. KwiHa Says:


    Great stuff, I’m using it on my both A.droid phones but this widget has some small issues with these new ROMs and new stock mail apps. See on the new updates….
    - DO we have any way to disable the tap action on header?
    on 1×1 widget, when the header tapped it open the widget settings instead of the email box. Tap on unread number it is ok.
    Disable the full widget interaction is no way.
    - It should be fine to edit the text in Header (yes, I’ve seen the vote). I have 3 email boxes and all of them has Inbox, so on the screen there are 3 widgets with the same text. It’s a little bit confusing. :-)

    Thanks your time and work!

  179. Says:

    Thanks for your message.
    I’m afraid that you cannot disable the action for the header until now. I will add this to the feature list. Actually if you would be able to disable it one cannot get the the preferences of the widget any longer.
    I’m also aware of the other feature you requested and that it’s a bit confusing to have more than one widget with the same header. I can only say that i will work on it ;)


  180. Andy Says:

    The INBOXes being named the same ‘INBOX’ is easy to solve. Just download the skins and change the ‘background.png’ to include the logo, e.g. GMail logo, yahoo logo etc… Then when you select the skin you simply pick the one with the logo you want. A little patience is required to get the background.png just right and remember to have a transparent background if you want a more professional look.

  181. Prof Peach Says:

    Great app. Searched everywhere for a good email widget when I dropped the sense rom. This is by far the best.

    Andy above has a good solution for the header bar….. perhaps they could be pre-added and people could select from “hotmail” skins etc….same skins in each category but with the main mail clients.

    The biggest improvement I could suggest would be sender and subject in bold on one line with a line of preview text below.

    Apart from that…. Awesome work. (GSM Hero… installed into system file)

  182. En god Mail widget til SE Xperia Mini Pro... Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] [...]

  183. th23 Says:

    Nice idea, but I couldn’t get it working… more specific, it simply doesn’t update automatically. I always need to refresh…or is there any (hidden) switch?

  184. Carlos Martinez Says:

    Email Widget don´t work in HTC Desire S & K9, in Desire ok, fantastic, but in the new “S” no :( do you wil update for this mobile? Thx

  185. Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for your message. My app should also work on the desire s. I suppose you have installed my app AFTER K9. Unfortunately this doesn’t work, because of the android permission system. Try to uninstall and reinstall my app.
    If this doesn’t solve your problem, please get back to me.


  186. Says:


    Please find the auto update setting in the global app settings, It’s not in the widget settings.
    Hope this helps.


  187. Carlos Martinez Says:

    Yes!! works perfectly in Desire S, uninstall and reinstall and all ok! Tnx.

  188. Simon Says:

    Hi Frank, I have an issue.
    I updated my Gmail app to the latest recently (I believe I had not updated it since I bought this phone end of last year mostly because the app is not available in the market in China). Since then the widget stays empty. I tried recreating one with no success. My other widget for exchange email works fine. Any solutions?

    Galaxy S

  189. Says:

    Hi Simon,
    Google has changed the permissions for the new version of GMail. Please have a look at this blog post, which explains the details and a common solution.


  190. Simon Says:

    Thanks for the quick answer. That sucks, I’ll have to uninstall and reinstall your widgets, which means I will lose my skin right and settings right? Just a pain to reset everything. Why would Gmail do that…

  191. Says:

    you don’t have to uninstall my app you just have to replace the GMail app on your phone with the one provided by the link.
    They have limited access because of security issues.


  192. Dan Says:

    Doesn’t work on epic touch 4g (galaxy s2) with k9. Any idea how to get it working?

  193. Says:

    Hi Dan,
    please make sure that you install my app AFTER installing k9. To fix this please uninstall my app and then reinstall it.


  194. Hans Says:

    nice widget mate!

    only need combined inbox so i can have 1 big widget with all my accounts color coded and it’s TOP NOTCH :)

    Keep up the good work! Worth its money!

    Happy Desire Z user running Cyanogenmod 7

  195. pradeep Says:

    Why doesnt the app have combined inbox , i have three gmail acccount which i check regularly,

    do u want me to have each widget for one

    please help, is this feature still unavailable

  196. Says:

    thanks for your feedback. The combined inbox is one of the top rated features. I will do my best and work on it on one of the upcoming releases.


  197. Says:

    thanks for your message. I’m very sorry but currently you have to use three widgets, one for each account. The combined inbox is a high demanded feature, but it is also a very complicated feature as well. As stated above i am working on it…


  198. KingCreole Says:

    Installed and working in my Tattoo, as system app (CM7 custom rom), but no scrolling on widget, and no skinning option on menu.

  199. Says:

    Scrolling is only working on custom launchers like LauncherPro, ADWLauncher, Go…
    Skinning should be an option in the widget settings. But please mind that you have to install the skins by copying them on your sdcard. You can find my skin page here.

  200. dearing Says:

    I have spoken with the developer(s) of EnhancedEmail, and they are willing to work with you on widget support. Please contact them at:

    Thanks again for the great app!

  201. Says:

    just published an update with support for enhanced email. Sorry that this took so long…


  202. Thierry Says:

    Hi Franck
    I am experiencing the “known bug” about â€?Open Actionâ€? set to “Show Emailâ€? witch does not open anything. I am using Galaxy Note stock rom KK5.
    Any improvement to come ?

    Otherwise the app is running like a charm for me ! Thanks for this very useful app !

    Could you setup Email widget size 5×1 to 5×4 for larger phone like Samsung Galaxy Note ?


  203. Says:


    thanks for your message. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the Android system. This can only be fixed if the core mail app of Android is changed and allows third party apps to view mails. I’m sad that i can’t do anything about it. But that’s the reason why i provided a custom viewer.

    I will add those widget sizes in future releases.


  204. undeliverable Says:

    Hi Frank,

    I am enjoying the app so far, running great on my D2 running Cyanogen. I was wondering if it is possible to have it clear the new mail notification? Im thinking that this is probably the fault of the Enchanced Email program however.

  205. Says:

    i’m sorry, but the Android system doesn’t allow to remove notifications that belong to other apps. So there is nothing i can do about. Please get in contact with the author of Enhaned Email.


  206. Paul Says:

    For instructions on how to get Gmail working on your Android device along with the “.apk” file… Follow this link.

  207. Steve Says:


    I’d love to download this app, I just got k-9 for my new phone and it’s making it a lot easier to manage my emails, apart from not having a widget. The only issue is that i’m on Android 4.0 which it says is unsupported.

    I’m wondering, by unsupported, does it mean it won’t work at all, or… that there is no support for it if there are problems?

    I’m also wondering roughly when it will be supported, as i’m eager to buy this app.


  208. Says:


    thanks for your mail. Actually k9 is still supported for Android 4.0, it’s just the Android core Email App that isn’t supported any longer.
    If you have any problems in using the app just let me know and i will try to help. When i cannot find a solution/fix for your problem, you will get your money back.


  209. Steve Says:

    Thanks! Will download now and take a look. I’m a dev myself so know the pains of supporting lots of devices.

  210. QuarkZ Says:

    I installed the app as a system app but it still doesn’t let me access the Android email.
    ICS 4.0.3.

    Any thought?

  211. Says:

    thanks for your comment. As stated in the market teaser on ICS the Android email client isn’t supported any longer. This is due to some permission changes that Google implemented for the new version of Android :-(
    Sorry, but there are only K9 or Enhanced Email as alternative on ICS. Both apps are supported by my app on all Android versions / devices.


  212. QuarkZ Says:

    I tried Enhanced email and your widget doesn’t work either. It doesn’t refresh at all.
    First time i install it it shows everything, i can even click on the emails and it works fine, but i cannot scroll and the widget doesn’t refresh.


  213. QuarkZ Says:

    Actually i have to revise my last statement.
    If i select Scrolling then the widget will show empty (i use Apex launcher), if i unselect that then it’ll show the emails although if i click on an email it’ll not show the right one but just open the mailbox (i chose “open email” in the options).
    Plus, when i receive a new email it doesn’t show but it does say 1 new in the bar.

    Guess that was a waste of money :( I’m disappointed in Android bad email system (their widget stops refreshing after a while) and it doesn’t seem that there is any alternative widget that works properly.

    BTW i also tried to put it as a system app with no luck.

  214. QuarkZ Says:

    Ok, so I installed Go launcher because i wanted to check if it would work better and it works indeed.
    So there’s an incompatibility between your widget and Apex launcher (and likely with other ICS based launchers)
    Scrolling works with some other widgets so I’m guessing that’s something that should be fixable.
    Anyway, just so you know!

    Now if only there was multiple folders in the widget… ;)

  215. pmikota Says:

    Quarkz… I’m using Apex with K9 and it seems to be working fine for me.

  216. Adam Says:

    OK, so updating my Atrix to Gingerbread puts an newer version of BlurEmail on the phone. However, you supported Motorola still works, but the widget doesn’t know it works. So when I select Motorola I get the message that it isn’t installed but then almost everything works. So the content providers are all the same and the widget properly accesses it, but can’t detect the application itself. The only realy problem this causes is that the widget can’t launch the email program, which is a big nuisance because i have to truncate the widget to make roomo for an separate icon to launch the email application. I think all you have to is change the detection to look for the new version, and/or the content provider, or manually set the intent to launch the program? Let me know if you have any questions.

  217. Says:

    Hi Adam,

    thanks for the info. I will have a look at it.


  218. • View topic - Widget??? Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[...] the Android 2.3 version. I don't know what phone you have, but maybe you can take a look at this: which also supports Enhanced Email. Enhanced Email Forum Moderator/SupportCurrent state of EEHow to [...]

  219. Andrew Says:

    I was able to setup as system app and use with enhanced email but it gives me access to every inbox except the Combined inbox. I would prefer not to have several widgets and instead just have one like Pure that points to the Combined inbox showing only unread emails… this possible.

  220. Says:


    thanks for your message. You are right. Currently my app only allows to select specific folders. The combined inbox of EE is a “virtual” folder that isn’t published to the interface i use when accessing the app. Aggregating more then one folder means that i have to implement the combined inbox on my own and this could lead to a performance issue (because i have to query all inboxes of all accounts). This will definetely take some time…


  221. Sam W Says:

    So um.. is this app still availible? I can’t seem to find it anywhere..

  222. Says:


    yes it’s still available here:

  223. keith Says:

    HTC EVO 4G LTE, Rooted, Stock, S-ON, 1.82GHz

    I love your widget! It’s worth twice the money
    PLEASE add support for Touchdown Mail
    Touchdown is the best Exchange app Period and your widget would complete it.
    Touchdown is HUGE on Droid & getting bigger, but their email widget is PITIFUL!
    EVERYONE AGREES ON THIS, just check it out yourself.
    ***You would sell more licenses than ever if add Touchdown mail support.***

    Anyway, and nonetheless, this is the best money on a widget I’ve ever spent.

    Note for others, with Email WIdget installed as system app:
    ADWLauncher EX, though not my absolute fav, functions perfectly with your widget in all aspects including resize, scroll and refresh.
    (See Dev, your widget alone influenced my purchase of this launcher and it would do the same for many others in regard to Touchdown!)

    Nova Launcher Prime (the best launcher IMHO) fails to display email

    Apex Launcher Pro fails to display email

    These fail only to scroll on my device: Go Launcher EX, Holo Launcher, TSF Shell, SPB Shell 3D, Next Launcher, LauncherPro,

  224. Says:


    thanks for your comment. Unfortunately Touchdown doesn’t provide an interface to access the mails stored with it. I’m sorry but there has to be a change on the Touchdown side.
    I already contacted the devs of Touchdown but never got a reply. I suppose they don’t want third party apps to integrate in their app.


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