no creativity / innovation without failure

bob sutton published some nice words about innovation and on how much failure is related to it. he brings out that in a creative environment there should be enough room for experiment, errors and learning. i really support this idea and therefore want to recommend his list of advices that correspond to it here:

  1. take a little risk
  2. try something you are bad at
  3. encourage someone who has given their all and failed – don’t humiliate or punish them
  4. remember that by insisting on perfection and worrying too much that something bad will happen, you preclude the possibility that something great happen – or of suffering failure that will teach you a lesson that will make you a huge success the time after
  5. talk about your mistakes and let others know what you have learned from them (this is all about after action reviews and retrospectives)
  6. punish inaction
  7. punish “cover your ass” behavior – that isn’t the kind of action we need right now

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