Using your own sounds for alarms

Some users of my app calendar event reminder asked me how they can use custom sounds for notifications, alarms or ringtones. This can be easily done. Just create some folders on your sdcard and place your favourite mp3s in it:

  • /sdcard/media/alarms
  • /sdcard/media/notifications
  • /sdcard/media/ringtones

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5 thoughts on “Using your own sounds for alarms

  1. I am looking for an app like this, but I don’t use the stock calendar app. I have an HTC EVO and I use Calengoo for my calendar. I like it better than the stock but there is no nagging alarm.

    Do you think this would work with Calengoo?

  2. Hi Frank,

    I have the following questions:

    1. If I buy this version, will the upcoming versions be updated for free ?
    2. After installation, can I move this app to SD card ?


  3. Hi Frank,

    Alos had one more question:

    Wen a call is in progress, wat kind of notification will be produced for a calendar event ?


  4. Upcoming versions will be free. Frankly, I didn’t try to move my App to SD but this should work.
    If a call is in progress the alarm will show up and the device is vibrated once. You can then snooze the alarm for the standard snooze time by pressing one of the volume keys.
    If an alarm is active and a call comes in, the alarm will be snoozed until the phone is hung up.

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