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Some users reported having problems installing the skins from my skin-site for my app email widget. Here is a detailed describtion on how to install them:

  1. Go the the android market and install the app AndExplorer (its free)
  2. Open a browser and go to my skin site or to the email-widget site and hit the “skin-site” link
  3. Push one of the download links for a skin on the left
  4. Now your browser should either download the file or it asks you which app to use to open the link, choose your browser
  5. Your browser should download the file now
  6. Start the AndExplorer and hit the “SDCARD” button on top
  7. Go to the directory “download” or “downloads”. There you should find your downloaded skin file.
  8. Long-press the file until it get’s checked
  9. Now hit menu->copy/paste->cut.
  10. Hit SDCARD again and go to the folder .de.foobarsoft.emailwidget (mind the leading dot!)
  11. Then hit menu->copy/paste->paste

Now the file should be moved to the right spot. Open your widget configuration and go to the skin-settings. You should be able to choose the installed skin now.

Please mind: If you have downloaded skin files successfully please make sure to not unzip/unpack them.

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  1. swety Says:

    I cant find folder name. as u wrote. Have HTC wildfir

  2. foo.bar Says:

    Hi Swety,

    if you cannot find the directory please create it “.de.foobarsoft.emailwidget” (without quotes).


  3. Chris Says:

    Hi foo.bar,

    I can’t create the “.de.foobarsoft.emailwidget” folder. The “.” at the beginning is the problem. I’ve got a HTC Legend with 2.2.


  4. Chris Says:

    Hi foo.bar, problem solved. I was using the wrong explorer, ES File Explorer doesn’t allows these names. Works fine with AndExplorer. Cheers C

  5. Paul Says:

    The file manager in “Super Manager” doesn’t allow “.” in folder structures as well.

  6. foo.bar Says:

    you can activate the “show hidden files” option in the Super Manager preferences. Then you will see the .-folders.


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