augmented reality maps

Friday, May 21st, 2010

this is truly amazing…

do you know what a browser is?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

those guys are definetly 1.0 :-) a nice viral from google:


webtv 2.0

Friday, July 11th, 2008

have you ever wanted to watch tv online for free? now you get a chance at i’m really impressed by the quality of this service, as it is all for free. you only have to download a small client to be able to watch the local channels you like (right now there are 8 countries with 187 different channels supported). the software has also build in a nice program guide which displays the schedule of all channels in a clear way. so have a try…

skype on your symbian mobile

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

hey, ever wanted to get rid of your headset and use your mobile device for skype? last year i came across an application, which looked promising, but was really crap.

the piece of software i talk about is called im+ for skype. it let’s you conntect your device with your local pc, where skype is installed, over a mobile data connection. so in order to use it your pc has to be turned on, your skype must be up and running and your firewall has to accept incoming connections. what a miserable situation!

now i discovered a way better solution: with fring, you can use your mobile device to make voip-calls not only to users of skype, but also to googletalk, msn and sip endpoints. after you have installed a small mobile application (which was quite easy and well guided) you are ready to use your skype account without the need of further pc software. i have used it with my local wlan on a nokia e61 and it works quite perfect. you even don’t need a fast mobile connection like umts, because fring consumes only about 8mb for a 60 minutes voip-call and about 10kb (!!) per hour connectivity.


deutsche post in second life

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

as you probably know, second life is one of the most famous virtual communities of today. and as i wrote some time ago, there is also an evolving virtual economy which significantly affects real life businesses. therefore many well known companies (i.e. adidas, toyota, sony and ibm) started a virtual counterpart.

but the last thing i expected was that the company i work for gets to second life as well, because i could’t really think of a useful application. but an email, which reached me today, quickly disabused me. now there is also a quite impressing equivalent of the deutsche post in second life :-)

you can send a post card of your avatar’s face or some other theme via second life to a real world address. i don’t know if this is really useful, but it’s a quite cool idea ;)



Thursday, April 27th, 2006

frank westphal hat zusammen mit 7 weiteren kollegen die empfehlungsplattform qype (kwaip) gegründet. auf diesem web 2.0-portal soll es eine mischung aus meinungen für branchenbuch-relevante inhalte wie cafes, restaurants, kinos, ärzte, werkstätten, etc. geben.
das ganze hört sich schon sehr interessant an, zumal die anwendung in einem kleinen team mit ruby on rails entwickelt wurde.
spannend auch, dass sie mit ihrer kleinen internet-klitsche am gänsemarkt im gleichen gebäude wie openbc gelandet sind. vergessen sind die grauen tage des dotcom-sterbens und zusammenbruch am neuen markt. anscheinend erlebt die new economy mit einigen interessanten startups eine neue hochphase. mich würde nur brennend interessieren, wie sie mit ihrer anwendung wirklich profitabel werden wollen.

food customization

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

at M&Ms you can now get your favourite candy with a customized painting. this looks really cool :-)

voipen leichtgemacht…

Friday, February 24th, 2006

eine coole idee haben die jungs bei jajah sich da einfallen lassen. webaktivierte telefonie nennen sie ihr neues geschäftsmodell.
einfach die eigene telefonnummer zusammen mit der gewünschten zielrufnummer angeben und auf “call” klicken. im hintergrund wählt ein dailer zuerst die eigene nummer an und danach die zielrufnummer.
abgerechnet wird über kreditkarte und im nachhinein.
die preise können sich sehen lassen. ca. 3 cent pro minute nach korea…das ist voll ok. fünf minuten bekommt man sogar geschenkt…

die online-kapitalisten

Monday, January 30th, 2006

vor geraumer zeit hat der spiegel bereits in einem artikel darauf hingewiesen, dass im umfeld der online-spiele bereits mehrere milliarden (!!!) euro umgesetzt werden. für das jahr 2005 wird darüber hinaus prognostiziert, dass der weltweite umsatz im online-bereich den umsatz für pc-spiele übertrifft.

guides and tools for web startups

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

evan williams, a former ceo of which is now part of google, has posted some nice guidelines for new web startups.

i think he has a point there. in 1999/2000, when i started my first practical at ibm unternehmensberatung interactive media, i met a few guys who were more or less successful in founding new web startups like or many parts of the above-mentioned guide were essentials for their buisness rules like “be casual”, “be tiny” or “be narrow”. some of them who struggled and failed are using their expericence these days to help other startups stop from doing the same failures again and, of course, are quite successful in founding new innovative startups ;)

later on in 2001 during my diploma thesis i worked for a startup called böttcher hinrichs ag which regrettably got into financial trouble at the end of my studies. although the company wasn’t a true web startup, they had some ideas which can be compared to “be picky”, “be self-centered” or “be balanced”, too. besides, their implicit key to success and basic idea of public and investor relations was the management of contacts in politics and economy, nowadays called ‘business or social networking’.

therefore i was pleased to be involved in the beta testing of a platform for networking called openBC, which was established by the co-founders of böttcher-hinrichs ag lars hinrichs.

if you know about nick denton’s toolkit for web startups then you should add openBC to it :-)